129 - Cambrai (Graincourt) - 20 November 1917

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Historical background

Although the 62nd Division met with strong resistance at Havrincourt, Brigadier-General ‘Boy’ Bradford VC, promoted at 25 years of age, did not wait to see the fall of Havrinourt. He advanced with the 186th Brigade and a company of tanks, with orders to take Graincourt and the high ground west of Bourlon Wood. German gun batteries firing from behind Flesquieres ridge into his exposed right flank slowed the advance and when the British finally reached the outskirts of Graincourt, two German guns on the edge of the village opened fire. The guns were overcome and the village was taken somewhat quickly, thanks to excellent cooperation between the infantry and tanks.

The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.


Victory Medals: 7

  • 1 Medal for each soldier unit eliminated.
  • 2 Medals for each British tank eliminated.
  • The British forces gain 1 Temporary Victory Medal at the start of their turn for each building hex occupied. Place a British medal on the hex at the start of the turn. The medal is retained even when the unit exits the building or is eliminated.
  • The medal is removed from the hex when a German unit reoccupies the building.
  • The British forces are racing against time. The German player may take a Victory Medal, instead of taking two command cards, when playing a “Recon” command card.

Special Rules

  • There is no No-Man’s-Land shelling roll in this scenario.

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