The Great War Mini-Tournament Rules

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The tournament consists of usually ten players who will be randomly assigned into two even groups, typically Central Powers & Allied


In the preliminary phase, one group will play the Central Power side and the other group will play the Allied side in each scenario. A schedule will be provided that shows the match-ups for each round of the tournament.


After the preliminary rounds are completed, the two players from each group  who won the most total banners will play each other in a two-game match for the Semifinals, playing both sides of a single scenario.


The winner of each Semifinal will then meet in the Finals, to play a two-game match for the championship.

Ties for most total banners at the end of the preliminary phase or in a two game match are broken by determining which player lost the least number by least total blocks lost.



  1. A game ends immediately when one player earns the required number of banners to achieve victory.
  2. Once the schedule for the tournament is published, players are responsible for contacting each other and setting up a time to play their games. There will be a tournament page with the schedule of games, standings and player list with contact information provided.
  3. All players should use the current version of the bdgza The Great War module and extensions available from the Vassal web page
  4. Both players should start a logfile once the game is open, but prior to drawing cards. After the game is over, the winning player should upload the logfile along with a game report to the MT Results Forum on the The Great War website.
  5.  The logfiles should be named after the tournament, the round being played and the players involved, using Vassal names; for example, when uploading the log for the game between Mark McG and bdgza in Round 3 of Mini-Tournament #1, this would be named: 


 The report should be made by the winning player into the forum provided . The format for reporting results is as shown below:

Round # Scenario Name

Player 1 Vassal ID: # banners won /# figures lost
Player 2 Vassal ID: #banners won/# figures lost

Note: When counting figures lost, don’t include units that exit off the board due to Stretcher Bearers

  1. All games should be played in adherence to the official The Great War rules and the current FAQ. In addition, players should also familiarize themselves with the “C&CN Vassal Conventions” given here, and use equivalent standards
  2. It is up to the individual players to arrange and play their games. The schedule will give a deadline in which all the games in a round should be completed. If a player does not respond to emails, please contact the tournament referee. It is important to keep the referee informed of problems as they occur. Generally, if a deadline passes without communication to the referee from either player involved in a game, both players will be counted as having forfeited the game 
  3. The tournament referee will be the final arbiter of disputes. If the referee is playing in a tournament and is involved in a dispute, a mutually agreed assistant will arbitrate.   Hopefully, this rule will not be necessary as this tournament is being set up for people to play games and have fun. Most problems that arise in a game can be easily solved with good sportsmanship.

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Mark McG's Avatar
Mark McG replied the topic: #961 2 years 3 months ago
Conventions should work now, but the link is

and removed the direct link to the module. The VASSAL landing page is a better perpetual solution
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mirkobruner replied the topic: #960 2 years 3 months ago
It is me again, on this page, the link to vassal is correct, but the direct download leads to the first version of the module.
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mirkobruner replied the topic: #959 2 years 3 months ago
Sorry Mark, the link to the C&CN Vassal Conventions doesn't work.

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