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2017-06-06 New scenario cluster map

Hi guys,

I've added a cluster map to group all WW1 scenarios available for "The Great War".

You can find it under "Maps" Menu.

As an addition you will also find geolocalization of each battle immediately below the scenario pages.

Enjoy this new feature and keep on playing this great boardgame!

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2016 Support

Hi guys,

It looks like yesterday when I decided to group all C&C website under a single web domain ( but a full year has passed!

A single domain has the great benefit to ask for a single renewal so I'm here asking for your contribution to keep this website free, updated and without annoying ads!

Feel free to contribute in every way you decide using the PAYPAL icon on  the top-right corner.

Support Us 

Thank you in advance.



I'm cross posting this message on all other C&C website.

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