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2018-07-27 New feature: Scenario Gallery

Hi guys,

I've just enabled a sort of "scenario gallery" to allow posting pictures about a specific scenario.

By now you can see it working in these scenarios:

010 - Somme (Sausage Valley & La Boisselle) - 1 July 1916

011 - Somme (Mametz) - 1 July 1916

013 - Vimy Ridge (1st & 2nd Canadian Infantry Divisions) - 9 April 1917

122 - Somme (Flers and Coucelette) - 15 September 1916

Please let me know if you like the idea and eventually I'll try to spread all over the website.


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2017 Christmas Holidays

Hi guys,

another year passed by and we have to prepare for the brand new 2018!

This website is a "one men" work so feel free to contribute in every way you decide using the PAYPAL icon on  the top-right corner.

Support Us 

Thank you in advance.



I'm cross posting this message on all other C&C website.

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