After all units’ movements and combat have been resolved, the active player draws a new Command card and has the choice of drawing one Dragon card or gaining two honor & fortune tokens.

If the active player did not play a Dragon card during his turn, one Dragon card may be discarded and one honor & fortune token is collected. A maximum of one Dragon card may be turned in at the end of a player’s game turn.

If the Command card deck or Dragon card deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discarded cards to form a new draw deck.

Once the active player’s Command card is drawn and Dragon card or honor & fortune is replenished, the player’s turn is over.

Note: A player who plays a Dragon card during the opponent’s turn, does not immediately replenish his Dragon card or the honor & fortune tokens. Replenishment of Dragon cards or honor & fortune token reserve is only done at the end of an active player’s turn.

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