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End Game & Victory (GMT)

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Players will alternate taking turns, until one player reaches the number of Victory Banners indicated by the scenario’s victory conditions.
Players can accumulate Victory Banners in a number of ways.
Eliminating enemy units and Leaders is the most common. While accomplishing scenario specific objectives, like capturing certain terrain hexes, or occupying and removing the enemy’s command tent are a couple of other ways. Such other victory conditions will be explicitly spelled out in the scenario’s battle notes.
A game ends the very moment a player reaches his required number of Victory Banners regardless of when this occurs during the game turn. This means that a game might even end on a successful battle back, with the victory going to the active player’s opponent.
If a player’s hand of Command cards is ever reduced to a single Command card at the start of a player’s turn, the player must surrender and victory goes to his opponent.

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