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Dragon Cards 40 (GMT)

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Dragon cards and Honor & Fortune tokens are some of a player’s most precious assets. There are 40 Dragon cards in the core game.
Dragon cards in terms of game play are the gateway to legendary and mythical actions on the battlefield.
There is no limit to the number of Dragon cards a player may hold.

Each Dragon card, bears the following information:

  1. Title: The name of the Dragon card.
  2. Cost: The cost in Honor & Fortune tokens a player must pay from his Honor & Fortune reserve pool for the Dragon card to take effect. Honor & Fortune tokens quite literally fuel the action and special powers of a Dragon card, and Dragon cards cannot be played if there are insuffcient Honor and Fortune tokens present in the player’s reserve pool. Note: Some Dragon cards have a zero Honor & Fortune cost to play.
  3. Phase of Play: This text explains when in a game turn the Dragon card must be played.
  4. Target: Text detailing the Dragon card target, subject, beneficiary, or area of effect of the Dragon card action.
  5. Effect: A description of the Dragon card effect and the special rules governing it.

Players must observe a number of simple, but critically important rules when bringing a Dragon card into play.

When playing a Dragon card, place it in front of you during the appropriate phase of play and read it aloud.

A Dragon card must always be played during its indicated phase of play. Some Dragon cards may be played out of turn, during the opponent’s game turn, or in reaction to one of the opposition player’s actions or Dragon card play.

To play a Dragon card the player must be able to immediately pay its corresponding Honor & Fortune cost out of the Honor & Fortune tokens already in his possession prior to the card’s effect coming into play.

  • Remove the required number of Honor & Fortune tokens out of your Honor & Fortune reserve, temporarily placing those tokens on the Dragon card.
  • At the end of the game turn, return the tokens on the Dragon card back to the common Honor & Fortune pool and discard the Dragon card onto the discard pile next to the Dragon card deck.
  • The active player may only play 1 Dragon card during the active player’s turn.
  • The defending player may only play 1 Dragon card during the active player’s game turn.
  • As a result, during the course of any single game turn, there can only be a maximum of 2 Dragon cards coming into play, 1 from each player.
  • In case of contradiction between the effects of 2 Dragon cards played in succession, the second card trumps the effect of the first 1.
  • In case of conflict between the basic rules in this book and Dragon card the rules of the Dragon card take precedence, but terrain movement and battle restrictions will always apply unless stated otherwise on the Dragon card.

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