Farmers at war, not in fields

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CARD TITLE RICE FAMINE Farmers at war, not in fields
PHASE OF PLAY Play alongside your command card
TARGET your opponent
CARD EFFECT Roll 1 die for each enemy unit with a l symbol on their standard.
l - 1 figure lost in l standard unit
t - 1 figure lost in t standard unit
n - 1 figure lost in n standard unit
j - 2 honor & fortune lost - wide-spread stealing of food
Opponent selects which figures to lose.
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Mark-McG replied the topic:
9 years 11 months ago
The Amako Command Tent, although not occupied by a command unit is still worth three Victory Banners, when occupied by an Ouchi Army unit. When occupied the Command Tent hex is removed from the battlefield. In addition, when the Command Tent is removed, the Amako player must lose one Command card selected at random.

Finally, an Amako unit may occupy the Command Tent hex. However, there are no movement or battle restrictions or benefits associated with this Command Tent hex.

Richard Borg