Continuing Melee Combat

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Any unit that is engaged in melee at the beginning of the turn that was not given a Retreat order must continue to fight in melee combat. Do not issue any
orders to these units: units involved in a continuing melee do not receive any ability modifi ers for their orders.
Units that do not retreat may not move away from the melee combat.

Zone of Control in Melee

A unit engaged in melee combat at the beginning of a turn does not have a Zone of Control for the entire turn.

Unit 1 is still engaged in melee at the beginning of the turn, so it does not have any Zone of Control. Unit 2 can move through hex 320 without entering melee combat with unit 1, but only if it has been given an Assault order against unit 3 : If unit 2 is executing a Move or Run order, it must stop in hex 315 and enter melee because unit 2 does have a Zone of Control.

Ending Melee Combat

Units engaged in melee combat must continue fighting until one of the following occurs:
• The unit is issued the Retreat order;
• The unit is completely destroyed; or
• The enemy unit is destroyed or retreats.

When your enemy’s unit is destroyed or retreats, you must check if there is another enemy in your unit’s Zone of Control. If there is, your unit immediately turns to face the next strongest of these enemy units (the enemy with the highest total Attack Value). Turn your model to face the next enemy.
If there are no more enemies to fi ght, you may issue orders to your unit normally on the next turn.

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