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With Yoshitsune’s cavalry now inside the fortress and fire spreading through the camp buildings, the Taira abandoned their walls and fled in the only direction left open to them, the seashore and their waiting ships. The panicked troops crowded onto the boats in such numbers that many capsized. The crews started fending away common soldiers, hacking off their arms when they held onto the gunwales, so that the senior clan nobles could escape. The Minamoto hunted down the fleeing enemy, seeking glory by taking the heads of Taira family members. Over half of the Taira clan’s senior nobles were captured or slain. The battle of Ichi-no-Tani was over and the Minamoto had won a decisive victory. The remnants of the broken Taira clan sailed back to Yashima and would never again return to mainland Honshu.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.



Taira (Red)
> Move first
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Card Dragon Card
H&F 2

Minamoto (Yellow)
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Card Dragon Card
H&F 6

6 Banners
1 Victory Banner for each Leader or Unit eliminated
(See the Desperate Escape special rule)

Special Rules

  • Ocean hexes are passable for Taira units, and units on Ocean hexes follow Naval rules. Minamoto units may not embark onto Ocean hexes. Wind/tide direction is onshore as indicated by the direction of the arrow.
  • * Desperate Escape – Taira units may exit across their own baseline by ordered movement and are removed from the game. Each leader attached to an exiting Taira unit earns the Taira army 1 Victory Banner. If the last Taira unit in play exits the board in this manner before the Minamoto have achieved 6 Victory Banners, the Taira win an automatic victory.


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