GP16. SIEGE OF HOJUJI (January 1184)

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GP16. SIEGE OF HOJUJI, January 1184

In response to Go-Shirakawa’s demands that he curb the depradations of his soldiers in the capital, Minamoto no Yoshinaka launched an assault on the retired emperor’s residence in the Hojuji Temple complex. A mixed force of imperial guardsmen, courtiers, monks and peasants hastily converged on Hojuji to defend Go-Shirakawa and the baby titular emperor Go-Toba, who was also in the residence there under his grandfather’s care.
The imperial force put up stiff resistance within the walls of Hojuji, until the Minamoto set the residence on fire with flaming humming bulbs. A strong, cold winter wind fanned the flames and the defenders fled in confusion in all directions. Under arrow fire, Go-Shirakawa was shepherded by his attendants back across the Kamo River to safety in the Gojo Palace, while Go-Toba was carried to the refuge of an island on an imperial garden lake. Others were not so fortunate. In the chaos of smoke and battle, hundreds of fleeing people were hunted down and killed by Yoshinaka’s troops, among them senior imperial ministers and clergy.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.



Imperial (Red)
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Card Dragon Card
H&F 6

Minamoto (Yellow)
> Move first
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Card Dragon Card * (1 + Fire Arrows – remove from the Dragon Deck and give to the Minamoto player before dealing)
H&F 4

7 Banners

1 Victory Banner for each Leader or Unit eliminated
The Minamoto may not win unless they have at least 3 units on the Imperial side of the Kamo River at the same time as they have 6 Victory Banners
(See the Saving the Sovereign special rule)

Special Rules

  • * The Retired Emperor
    – The Peasant Infantry unit to which Go-Shirakawa is attached represents his courtiers and attendants. Go-Shirakawa may not detach from this unit until it is destroyed.
    - Whenever Go-Shirakawa or his attached unit is targeted by an attack in battle, the Minamoto army loses 1 H&F.
    - If Go-Shirakawa is killed, the Minamoto army loses 5 H&F.
  • * Saving the Sovereign
    - Minamoto units and leaders may not enter the Gojo Palace.
    - If Go-Shirakawa enters the Gojo Palace Building hex, he is immediately removed from the board and the Imperial army gains 3 Victory Banners.
  • * Burning Hojuji
    - The Minamoto may set the Hojuji Residence on fire by targeting any of its Building hexes with a ranged attack, using the archer unit’s normal dice. This fire attack is declared before battle dice are rolled and does not affect any unit in that building hex. Any sword result will start the blaze and all five building hexes of the Hojuji Residence are considered to be on fire for the remainder of the battle. This may be denoted with a marker such as a coin.
    - Any unit on a burning hex loses 1 figure at the end of each Taira turn, which may incur a 1 die leader casualty check if a leader is attached. A lone leader on a burning hex at the end of a Taira turn is eliminated and 1 Victory Banner awarded to the Minamoto.
  • The Kamo River is fordable.


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