GP04. MIIDERA (December 1180)

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GP04. MIIDERA, December 1180

The Taira launched a punitive assault on the monks of Miidera for the part they had played in Prince Mochihito’s rebellion. The attack was led by Taira no Kiyomori’s fifth son, Shigehira. The monks prepared a defensive line of moat, wooden shields and an abatis of felled trees. Three hundred monks died in the initial dawn assault. The Taira then waited until nightfall and stormed the defensive works in the dark, putting the temple buildings to the torch. Miidera was destroyed and the surviving monks were exiled. 
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.



Taira (Red)
> Move first
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Cards 3
H&F 7

Hiei Monks (Yellow)
Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card Command Card
Dragon Card Dragon Card
H&F 5

5 Banners
1 Victory Banner for each Leader or Unit eliminated
(See the Burning of Miidera Special Rule)

Special Rules

  • * The Burning of Miidera - Each named, green-bordered Building hex represents one of the temple halls. An ordered Taira unit that occupies a temple hall at the beginning of the Taira turn, may set it on fire and destroy it. The destroying unit may not move or battle that turn. The Building hex is removed from play, the Taira player loses 2 H&F and gains 1 Victory Banner.
  • Optional: Before cards are drawn, if both players agree the Monk player may replace one Sohei Warrior unit with a Samurai Naginata unit and one Sohei Archer unit with a Samurai Archer unit.


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