Banazai-1570-1584. Oda Nobunaga,Untifies Japan

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I mentioned that we use a Campaign system in the welcome Forum & I
got a request to post it up. Frankly I don't recommend it unless
you have a rather fanatic Game Group with access to the Games
mentioned below.

The Banzai Rules allow you to use "A Most Dangerous Time:
Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584" a Strategic Board Game,
that covers the 16th Century Unification of Japan,with
the C&C Board Miniatures Game "Samurai Battles".

A Most Dangerous Time: Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584 is
used as the strategic backdrop that generates battles
that are handled by The Samurai Battles Game.

These Rules also include a Terrain Generator System & a Unit set up
system based on another C&C Game BattleLore "Call to Arms" (CtA).
A Solo system is also thrown in & some Special Rules which are
highly optional.

Game Sequence-The Game Set up is as per the
A Most Dangerous Time: Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584
(AMDT)Rules .

I.The Impulse Phase & Action Chits

-Steps 1-6 as AMDT(Note Event Card Solo Rules)

-Step 7-Combat

-For 1 Soldier vs 1 Soldier as AMDT
also for Battles with over 2-1 & Siege

-For all other Battles use Samurai Battles Game
See Banzai Set Up Rules.Note AMDT Event
Cards that effect Battles are not used in
Samurai Battles Games.

-Steps 8-9 as AMDT

II.The End Phase as AMDT

AMDT-Event Card Solo Rules

-Separate Betrayal Cards & shuffle place
face down in a Deck.

-Shuffle remaining Event Cards & place
face down in another Deck

-Draw Event Cards as usual rules but
Roll d12 1-4+ Draw Betrayal Card
5-12=Regular Event Card.

To use an Event Card roll d6 1-4 =Use
5-6 =can't use. Per AMDT Rules you
can try to use each applicable Event Card
but only 1 dice roll per Card.

Note all Betrayal Cards used in Field
Combat are done before Battle set up
so may effect odds of Battle & cause
a Samurai Battle to become an AMDT Battle
or vice versa.

ADMT Event Combat Cards are not used except for
#30 (Emperor Mandate)

Banzai- Set Up Rules-The following Rules are use
instead of The Combat Sequence in AMDT for Field

Note all Banzai Battles use CtA Samurai Battle
Scenarios are not used.

Conversion Rules-Used to Convert AMDT
Counters to Samurai Battle fig.Units.

-Add up the Total # of Counters of Soldier
Counters on both Sides.Then Subtract the
Smaller Side from the Larger Side.

-The resulting # is the number of Figs that
must be removed from the Smaller side.

-A Unit can't receive a 2nd Fig.lost until
all Units have received 1 Fig.lost.

-If loses can't be taken evenly & odd fig.exist
Roll d6 for each odd Unit.Even =no lost fig.
Odd=lose fig. Reroll as needed until correct
# of figs are lost.

-Roll d6 to determine order each odd fig is checked;

4=Sp Inf.
5=Naginata Samurai

-Note Leader Figs are never subject to

Select Terrain

-Roll d20 +6 to get Total Terrain Tiles

-Roll d6 to Get Terrain Tile Type then Roll dice given
to get total # for that type.

1=Ravine-d6 reroll 6*
2=River-See Below River Set up*
6=Rice Fields-d3*

-Roll until get # of Terrain Tiles needed.

*Treat rerolls as NA & reroll

River Tile Placement-Done First

-Draw 12 River Tiles including bends,Fords & Bridge

-Roll d4 to get Board Edge River Starts at:

1=Left Top
2=Right Top
3=Left Bottom
4=Right Bottom

Then Assign each edge column a # roll.Result
get 1st River Tile placement.Then continue
to randomly draw & place River Tiles until
a Board edge is reached.

If get a bend roll d6: Even=Right /Odd=Left
Note Fords & a Bridge must be at least 4
hexes apart.

All Other Terrain Placement Roll d6 to get placement

1=Left Top
2=Right Top
3=Center Top
4=Center Bottom
5=Left Bottom
6=Right Bottom

Then assign each full hex on Board Selected
a # (starting Top Left-Right) Roll d20 reroll
19-20 to get exact placement.Reroll any results
that conflict with a River.

Select Troops-Note only 4 Leaders
per side + a Daimyo is max any other AMDT Leaders
are considered indisposed & don't take part in the
Battle but do suffer the same fate as their Army
(they can also betray).The Units given are all base
game types we haven't updated new troop types yet.

CtA Games

Each Side Selects a CtA Deck by Rolling die 3

Odo Side-uses Pennant
Anti-Odo Side uses Standard

1-2= Deck A
3-4=Deck B
5-6=Deck C

Each Side takes selected Deck & Draws 3
Cards one for each Section.

Place figures as Cards indicate,adjust for River
Terrain d6 in Front=Even/Behind=Odd if could
be either.

CtA Figure Conversions

Pennant Deck:

Red Inf=Samurai Naginata(2 Max)
Red Cav=Cavalry(2 Max)
Blue Inf =Yari Spears(5 Max)
Green Inf=Gunners(2 Max)
Green Archers=Archers(3 Max)
Red Mercenary=Samuari Naginata(1Max)
Other Mercenary Units-Ignore unless
a Flank has only 1 Unit per side
then 1 can be placed as per Unit type.

Standard Deck:

Red Inf=Samurai Naginata(2 Max)
Red Cav=Cavalry(2 Max)
Blue Inf =Yari Spears(5 Max)
Green Merc CB=Gunners(2 Max)
Green Archers=Archers(3 Max)
Red Mercenary=Samuari Naginata(1 Max)
Other Mercenary Units-Ignore unless
a Flank has only 1 Unit per side
then 1 can be placed as per Unit type.

Ignore any Results that differ from above.

Leader Placement

-If Diamyo Present place on Sides Board Edge roll
d12 & # is hex placed on if fig there move to any
adjacent empty hex.If 2nd Diamyo present he is assigned
to a Cav or Niginata Unit.

Samurai AMDT Leaders are assigned to Units as follows

Roll d6

1-3 Cav*
3-4 Sp Inf
5-6 Naginata**

* only 1 per Army-if taken roll d6 Odd=Naginata/Even=
Sp Inf.

** only 3 Units if taken roll d6 Odd=Cav/Even= Sp Inf.
You may # available Unit types & roll for placement

You may # available Unit types & roll for placement

CtA-Cards Allotment

Command-Start 1 Card( also used for Solo SB Scenarios)

+1 Card for side with most AMDT Counters
+1 Card for each Bravery # highest Leader Bravery
+1 Card for Daimyo

Note- If Army out of Communications on AMDT Board
it draws 1 less Command Card but 1 is always 1.

CtA-Honor Tokens

Roll d10-ignore 1-5 & reroll until get # from 5-10

CtA- Dragon Cards

Roll d6-Ignore 1 & 6 reroll until get # 2-5

Solo Combat Rules

-Starting with the Attacker(Note in CtA Battles
the Side that entered the Map Area is the Attacker)

-Turns over Cards & plays one I discards rest.

-If wants to play Dragon Card & can pay for it
Roll D6-1-4=Can Play-5-6-can't.

-Draws a new hand of Cards

-Once Attackers Turn Resolved Defender takes
Turn as above.

-Once Card deck depleted shuffle back in all
discarded cards.

Special Rules

Zone of Control

-Each Unit has the 6 Hexes around it as a ZOC

-A Unit entering a enemy Units ZOC must stop
& Melee

-Units in Melee lose their ZOC.An Enemy Unit
may pass without stopping if on it's way to
Attack another Unit.Otherwise the Enemy Unit
must stop & join in the Melee combat.

Turn to Face

-When a Unit is first Attacked it must turn it's base
to Face it's Attacker.If other Enemy Units join the
Attack the Defender does not turn,it remains
facing the original attacker.This makes possible
Flank & Rear Attacks.

-If the original Attacker is eliminated or retreats the
Defender may turn to Face any other Attacker
(if more than ,Defenders Choice.)

NOTE-Once Units are in Melee Combat they are locked
in that Combat Until elimination or retreat or Move
Ordered away.This applies even if the Melee Units
are Not Activated.

Directional Retreats

-Units Retreating must follow a straight path directly
away from its Facing. If possible the Retreat MUST
be toward its own sides Board Edge.

Flank Attacks

-Unit Attacking from Enemy Side Hexes-add 1 dice
to Combat Roll*

-Units Attacking from Enemy Rear Hexes-add 2 dice
to Combat Roll*

* The Extra die are rolled separately & any Honor & Glory
Rolled are ignored.

Reduced Strength Units

-Units that have lost 2 or more figures (not counting
Leaders) roll 1 less dice in Combat.

Battle End Phase

- Determine losses to AMDT Counters

-Roll d6 for each AMDT Counter in the Battle

-Victor-on #6 places Counter in Regroup Box
-Loser-on 5-6 places Counter in Regroup Box

-Leader loses are handled per the AMDT Rules

-Note Victor can't have = or greater losses than
Loser(adjust so Victors loss 1 Counter less if
situation occurs)

-Loser must now retreat from Battle Area per
regular AMDT Rules.


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