SBVT05 Round Robin

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Round Robin    
011 Battle of Okehazama (1560) - Border Fort Marune
Mark McG 1v2 goshublue
Cavie 3v4 mk20336
010 Second Battle of Azuki-zaka (1548)
Mark McG 1v3 Cavie
goshublue 2v4 mk20336
009 First Battle of Azuki-zaka (1542)
Mark McG 1v4 mk20336
goshublue 2v3 Cavie

Play each scenario twice, once each way

Players R1 G1 R1 G2 R2 G1 R2 G2 R3 G1 R3 G2 TOTAL
Mark McG 3 5 6 1 5 5 25
goshublue 5 4 2 6 3 25
Cavie 1 5 2 6 5 3 22
mk20336 5 4 6 5 2 4 26

report matches below, banner counts only.

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goshublue replied the topic: #639 3 years 8 months ago
Well done, Michal.

I do like what Samurai Battles does with the system but I'd agree that Ancients is a game far more rewarding of tactical control. With the lack of evasion, the greater power differential between unit colours, easy leader death and the additional unpredictability of the Dragon deck, I feel more like I'm along for the ride with Samurai Battles than with Ancients (or with Napoleonics). This also affects scenario design because variety is a lot more constrained by the limited unit options, the overwhelming power of reds and the general deadliness of the system, meaning balanced scenarios pretty much all look the same. This isn't to say I don't enjoy it and it obviously hits one of my historical buttons, but its a distant third in my preferred C&C games.
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mk20336 replied the topic: #638 3 years 8 months ago
Thank you guys! That was really nice couple of games, intense, bloody and fast. Maybe not so subtle like Ancients but definitely in my style :) I would like to see the SB issued by GMT with block - would be fun!
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Mark McG replied the topic: #637 3 years 8 months ago
and congrats to Michal for his win, especially as these were his first games of Samurai Battles.
goshublue replied the topic: #636 3 years 8 months ago
Brent (Oda) 5 banners vs Dan (Imagawa) 3 banners

A mirror result of the first match. Our reds engaged in the centre and we exchanged leaders. Oda went 4 to 1 banner up and with some 1 block Imagawa units around it looked to be quickly over but Dan fought back very well. A key moment came when my 1 block leader led Ashigaru spearman bolstered by Shogun and the Ashigaru Dragon Card (name forgotten)
prepared a 5 die roll against Dan's 2 figure Ashigaru hiding in forest to grab the final banner, only for Dan to kill them with a First Strike and send the battle into extra time. With Dan's Sam Naginatas pushing into my outclassed greens and blues on my left flank it looked like he was going to pull off a major turnaround. I had to resort to a 1 figure Sam Naginata doing an Infantry Onslaught and using a Desperate Charge to bully a 2 block Ashigaru Archers and finish the battle. Excellent game as always with Dan. The Command Tents never came into play (except to bolster a Red Dragon play), which saved us the headache of having to nut out how they work.

That finally finishes the longest ever 4 player tournament. Sorry everyone for my dragging the chain and thanks for your patience.

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mk20336 replied the topic: #633 3 years 9 months ago
Round 2
Scenario: 010 Second Battle of Azuki-zaka (1548)

Game 1
Michal (Red) : 6
Brent (Yellow): 2

First game started with immediate attack by heavy units of Red side - it was quite successful, and killing 2 Yellow leaders helped greatly. At one point of time it seems that things will change - perfect roll by yellow Cavalry, follow up, seppuku of Red leader, all seemed to put the decent advantage of Red side at questions. The worst thing was losing FS card due to seppuku... But fortunately last charge succeeded and it finished 6-2.

Game 2
Michal (Yellow) : 5
Brent (Red): 6

Now I had to defend with my Yellow units, which were initially attacked in range combat with double shot. Some reorganization of lines and we move forward. Before it happend - heavy units of Red side attacked, but again their leader was killed. Then second one. And the third one... It was relay dangerous to be Red army leader in that scenario... The climatic end of scenario could give wictory to any side but Brent finally prevailed.

Lots of fun and quick, decisive play, plus 5 LC causalities inflicted by me and 2 seppukus committed by my generals. Crazy games...

The log files:

File Attachment:

File Name: SB_R2_g01.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: SB_R2_g02.vlog
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mk20336 replied the topic: #632 3 years 10 months ago
I just recently started to play Samurai Battles but I cannot agree more with you Dan! I really like the game mechanics - especially honor management!
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Cavie replied the topic: #631 3 years 10 months ago
Round 3 Game 1

Dan (Oda) 5 banners VS Brent (Imagawa) 3 banners

Most of the battle happened in the center where the Ashigaru and Heavy units exchanged most of the hits. Some fire from the bowmen and arquebus helped weaken a few of the units but the strike from Nobyasu to eliminate the Imagawa leader made the most impact for the final surge towards the Oda victory.

We were unable to get Game 2 played but will do so asap. SB is too much fun and not played enough. Would love to play more if anyone is available - email me!
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Mark McG replied the topic: #630 3 years 11 months ago
Round 3 Game 2 009 First Battle of Azuki-zaka (1542)

Imagawa (Red) - Mark McG - 5 banners
Oda (Yellow) - MichalK - 4 banners

In a very similar opening to Game 1, the Imagawa advanced on their Left, push the Oda force back, but without any banners.
The Oda centre then came across to reinforce the Oda Right. Again Yuhra's unit was destroyed, though this time Yuhra committed seppuku.

From here the game diverged, the Imagawa Right began to advance, preparing a Infantry onslaught. The Oda cavalry charged, destroying a Bowman, but ending up stranded in the Imagawa rear, and ultimately destroyed by the Imagawa cavalry (though a close contest between them, down to a figure each). Oda also destroyed the Yari unit in the hills. Oda up 3-1 at this point.

With the Imagawa Right prepared for a charge, one Yari unit suddenly turns coat and joins the Oda. First time I've sen Turncoats work that I can recall. A Imagawa Yari unit is suddenly caught between a samurai to the front, and the treacherous Yari to the rear! However, the treachery backfired when the backstabbed unit battled back to damage both attackers. The ground laid, the Imagawa infantry onslaught cut down the turncoats, and chased off the Oda samurai, killing Nobuzane. 3-3

An Oda counterattack on the left succeeds, and loses that samurai (4-4), and after an insulted leader wastes the Imagawa turn, a desperate Oda attack with light troops fails to get a hit on two 1 strength units for the win. It is left to the Imagawa 1 strength cavalry to charge the gunners, eventually chasing them down for the narrowest of wins.

Intense game, and as a pair, two games full of remarkable events.

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5R3G2.vlog
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Mark McG replied the topic: #628 3 years 11 months ago
Round 3 Game 1 009 First Battle of Azuki-zaka (1542)

Imagawa (Red) - MichalK - 2 banners
Oda (Yellow) - Mark McG - 5 banners

One of the best scenarios of the base game. This match played in 2 parts, First part where Imagawa pressed forwards and Oda couldn't get anything right. Part 2 it all went sour for the Imagawa, with Yuhra leading the disaster.

Part 1. The Oda started with shooting and Red Dragon, that did nothing. Yuhra and his samurai rushed the gunners. Aikido managed to keep that to 2 hits. The Oda response was to bring units over from the centre, but managed only 1 hit on Yunra's unit, and took 3 in return, plus Nobuyasu was killed. The Imagawa cavalry then charged, finishing off the Oda Samurai. 2-0 to Imagawa and Oda was on the ropes.

Part 2: The dice turn bad. The Oda plan collapsed in chaos with the death of Nobuyasu, but Nobuhide issued Leadership from his tent, and the Oda counterattacked, without get effect. More importantly, the Imagawa response was also weak, and the following activation by Imagawa was only 2 hits from 10 dice. The Oda battle back was effective, and suddenly Yuhra had no men. Here came a rule I can't recall using before, since Yuhra fled, and bankrupted the Imagawa honor. The 4d loss of honor roll resulted in a sword to kill Yuhra, and a Red & Blue which polished off the Imagawa cavalry. Suddenly Oda are back, and up 3-2 on a battleback from the gunners!

From there it was mostly a forgone conclusion. The Oda cavalry and Yari advanced under Nobumitsu advanced, and claimed the final 2 banners. All the action happened on the Oda right. Barely moved the Left at all. Command tents were never attacked, and aside from Nobuhide issuing orders, were never used.

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5R3G1.vlog
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mk20336 replied the topic: #626 3 years 11 months ago
Round 1
Scenario: 011 Battle of Okehazama (1560) - Border Fort Marune

Game 1
Michal (Yellow) : 5
Cavie (Red): 1

File Attachment:

File Name: SB01.vlog

My first SB battle. Definitely, scenario in favor of Yellow side, with so many range units. Dan withdraw, and I tried to push forward. Then red side did unexpected sally on my right where I lost leader due to leader check (much more deadly than in other games - 1d always in cc). In the end, also thanks to play of 2 FS in one turn (!!!) I managed to stop the attack on hills and bring cavalry which ended the game.

Game 2
Michal (Red) : 4
Cavie (Yellow): 5

File Attachment:

File Name: SB02_2017-09-24.vlog

Out first game shown me that withdrawing might not be best strategy. So, having infantry onslaught in hand, I moved blue units forward. Then came very difficult moment - Dan played Turncloack but I managed to score a draw here and my unit has not changed the sides. My onslaught was not so good as I thought (1 killed unit) and counterattack was pretty devastating. When I was sure it will end 1-5, Dan's roll with inspired HC scored only 1 hit and in my turn I luckily scored 3 banner. But that was all I could do and then Dan in range combat finished my spearmen.

That was a lot of fun - I understood now why SB is so different on so much fun.
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Mark McG replied the topic: #624 4 years 2 weeks ago
Round 1
Scenario: 011 Battle of Okehazama (1560) - Border Fort Marune

Game 1
Mark McG (Yellow) : 3
Brent (Red): 5
Yellow pulled back out of the ranged fire range, inviting the Reds to come forward. Once drawn back, the Yellow samurai launched forwards to attack the Red forces, and particularly the missile troops. They did OK, killing 3 units, but eventually the Red strength overwhelmed them.

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5R1G1.vlog

Game 2
Brent (Yellow): 4
Mark McG (Red): 5
I started with a careful strategy of using missile fire to soften the Yellow troops, and the Yellow Ashigaru then tried to close straight away, shifting to the Yellow left.
Here I could bring all my infantry to bear, and in a nice advance Right move could bring all my Ashigaru Yari and the Samurai naginata into battle, and shift aside the bowmen to the flanks. Unfortunately the dice let me down here, and of 12 rolls, only 1 hit, whilst the 9 rolls in reply scored 3 hits, incl. 2 on the naginata (2 swords & a red). With all the non-hits, I never scored enough flags to push back the Yellow line either.

Brent's response was a counterattack, and scored 2 red hits on the naginata, wiping them out and ergo making a gap in my line. So each following attack scored hits and a flag to push back the Red troops. His follow up attacks finished off the two Yari and a leader. My view is the whole result here was determined by the miserable dice on the first attack.

In the end, the Red cavalry swept across from the Red left to finish off the Yellow back row, taking victory in the end. But a far more expensive victory than it needed to be.

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5R1G2.vlog
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Cavie replied the topic: #623 4 years 3 weeks ago
Game 1
Mark (Imagawa) 6 Banners won VS Dan (Oda) 2 Banners won

The Imagawa started off with 2 consecutive Hold & Shoot cards getting the Oda back on their feet right from the beginning. Oda tried to press up the middle but the Arquebes kept picking away and the the Heavy Cavalry came in and finished cleaning up the field.

Game 2
Mark (Oda) 1 Banner won VS Dan (Imagawa) 6 Banners won

Again the Imagawa proved dominant in this scenario. Quite a bit of pressure in the middle without the Oda able to give orders to respond there caused the Imagawa to charge in - including a Desperate Charge from Sessai that did quite a bit of damage and set up the end to the battle.

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5Cavie...me1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: SBVT5Cavie...me2.vlog