For 2-8 players

Designed by Mike Curley

The Tau Epsilon system is located on the border between the Commonwealth and Confederation. It is made up of the home world, TE Prime (TEP), and several other planets of varying size. Both factions consider this system an open system and have only a few units in orbit to keep the peace.

Lately, both sides have been intercepting radio messages indicating that the Tau Epsilon system wants to join the other side. Both sides know that this cannot happen and are preparing for the coming battle.

Scenario Rules

Fleet placements will be the first two rows of the starfield mats.

Planet control rules are in effect for all of the planets starting on the second turn of the game.

The Admiral-In-Chief (AIC): Will be directly in charge of his choice of a Carrier or Dreadnought unit. The AIC can place this unit within the starting area anywhere on his side of the mat. If lost in combat, the AIC will randomly discard a card from his hand.

The Sector Admiral (SA): There will be two or three SA’s on each side. They will each be in control of two sectors of the map. Each SA will have a Flagship assigned to them. The normal Flagship rules apply.

The AIC and two/three SA’s will draw two Task Force cards without adding any further Build Points, then confer on how to place the ships. A third Flagship will be assigned and placed at the same time for an 8-player game so all three SA’s have a command ship. If there are less than 7 players, the third Flagship will be removed in favor of the AIC Carrier or Dreadnought.

The AIC will be allocated 60 points to form a “Fleet Reserve”. These ships can be placed anywhere within the last two rows, after the SA’s place the two Task Forces. This is to balance out the “uniqueness” of the two Task Forces. These points are “use or lose”. You can use any leftover points from the two Task Force cards drawn.

There will be one Destroyer unit in each SA’s Area of Operation (AOO) as the “Peacekeeper” unit that each one can use. The following die roll will determine which unit is added:

Confederation – Circle, Triangle, Square – Standard Unit

Blast, Star, Red Alert – Heavy Unit

Commonwealth – Circle, Triangle – Standard Unit

Blast, Star – Heavy Unit

Red Alert, Square – Guards Destroyer Unit

The “Peacekeeper” units will start on the largest planet in each AOO. See below for placement of Peacekeeper units.

TE 5 and 6 are a rotating binary planet system. A die will be rolled and on an even number, they will rotate clockwise to the first player. An odd number and they will rotate counterclockwise to the first player. This action takes place first before any units are moved and will happen on every player turn. See Rotation of Twin Planets below.

One Space Platform will be in each SA’s AOO adjacent to the largest planet. These are neutral and both sides can activate them normally by playing a command card for the given sector that they are located in. Once the planet that the Space Platform is adjacent to is taken, the controlling faction can use the Space Platform exclusively. If there is no majority control, the Space Platform remains neutral, firing at both sides. The Space Platform may not be used for the first turn of the game for either attack or battle back. This is to simulate the Space Platform not being prepared to fire. See below for starting locations of Space Platforms.

At the beginning of the third turn, and at every third turn after, each SA will roll one die for Reinforcements. These represent the “Get here ASAP” order that all unit were given by their respective commands. Reinforcements will/could arrive with the following die rolls:

Circle-Fighter Unit, Triangle-Strike Unit, Square-Heavy Unit (No Dreadnought), Star-SA’s Choice (No Dreadnought), Blast-None, Red Alert-A unit in that SA’s AOO gains a Red Alert and must retreat 2 hexes. This RA cannot be bought off immediately but can be bought off in the normal way during a player’s unit activation. The unit chosen will be formed out of any destroyed ships. Only a Standard Unit may be formed. Reinforcements will be placed along the baseline hex in that SA’s AOO. If the rolled class is unavailable, the player may take a lower-class unit instead.

First Movement

Both AIC’s will roll 8 dice. The side that rolls the most stars will go first.

Victory Condition

  1. The first side to gain 50 Victory Points (VP’s) or eliminate 18 units.

After Action Report

With both sides taking heavy damage, we found out that we were deceived. The Tau Epsilon system wanted to stay neutral. We found these communication devices that were sending the false messages to both sides. After passing this device up the chain of command, we have determined that it is of alien manufacture. Who would do this? The Krawl? The Othorians? Someone else? Only time will tell.

Galaxy Game placement of Asteroids, Planets, and Peacekeeper Destroyers

The game map will be broken down into two separate maps. Both maps will have the letters run up the left edge and have the numbers run along the baseline hexes.

Map #1 will be A to K on the vertical and 1-13/12 on the horizontal.

Map #2 will be N to X on the vertical and 1-13/12 on the horizontal.

The half hexes that form complete hexes in the middle of the maps are not numbered.

Map #1

Asteroids: E1, G1, C3, I3, I7, G8, F8, F9, E10, C11

Planet TE 2: H10

Planet TE 3: D7

Planet TE 4: E5, F4, F5, G5

Planet TE Prime: E13, F12, G13

Map #2

Asteroids: P3, T3, U3, Q6, R7, V7, P12, Q12, S12, U12, V12

Planet TE Prime: R1, S1, T1, plus the middle spot

Planets TE 5 & 6: S4, S5

Planet TE 7: R9, S8, S9, T9

Peacekeeper Destroyer starting locations

Planet TE 4: E5 & G5

Planet TE 7: R9 & T9

Planet TE Prime: Either E13 & T1 or G13 & R1. One unit must be on each side of the middle.

Space Platform starting locations

The Space Platforms will be placed after both sides have placed their Task Forces and Fleet Reserve. The Space Platforms will be placed on either side of the three largest planets in the middle row of the maps so that they have the most targets to shoot at with their Line of Sight.

Rotation of Binary Planets

TE 5 & 6 are rotating binary planets. Their starting locations are S4 and S5. A die will be rolled after it is determined which side goes first. An even number rolled rotates the planets clockwise to T5 & R5 directly on the border of the two sections. An odd number rolled rotates the planets counterclockwise to R5 & T5 directly on the border of the two sections. This way, the movements of the planets are predictable. Player 1 will always see the planets vertical at R5 & T5, and Player 2 will always see the planets horizontal at S4 & S5.

Because the gravitational pull of the two planets is severe, any ships that are in the “orbit” of them have a chance of being destroyed. One die per ship will be rolled and a “blast” symbol eliminates a ship. If any Red Alert are rolled, the unit must take all of them. The gravitational pull is too much for a units Engineering crew to overcome. A unit eliminated this way will count towards the Victory Conditions for the opposing player.

If there is a unit on one of the planets and the planets come in contact with a unit in its orbit, the following happens:

First – The ships in orbit must roll one die per ship and a “blast” symbol eliminates a ship. If any Red Alert are rolled, the unit must take all of them. The gravitational pull is too much for a units Engineering crew to overcome.

Second – An immediate simultaneous Close Quarters Battle takes place. If neither unit is destroyed, then the unit that was in orbit is placed in an adjacent hex. If the unit on the planet is eliminated, then the unit in orbit may take its place on the planet.