Rather than placing units hidden under faction counters, this variant brings units onto the map via Jump Points (essentially an entry hex that units move from).

Players follow the setup instructions normally, drawing Task force cards and purchasing support vessels.

When it comes time for Hidden Deployment, use these instructions instead

Step 3. (Update)

Place the space feature hexes (space terrain) on the battlefield as indicated by the scenario’s battle map. Any unhidden units depicted specifically on map are placed on map according to the scenario setup instructions. All other units from TF card and purchase support vessels remain offmap.

Jump Points (JP)

Each player places 3 Jump Points, one in each section, within 3 hexes of their baseline. The JP must be completely in the section, not a section border hex. Mark the JP with a Faction marker.

When ordering units, players can order off-map units and place them on the JP. The ordered unit can then move and battle. E.g. if the Commonwealth plays Attack Right, he could order one right unit on the map, and two off-map units. The two off-map units can then sequentially be placed on the Right section JP and be moved (and subsequently battle). The JP has to be vacant to bring on a new unit.

If the JP is occupied by an enemy unit, it removed and counts as 2 VP for the enemy.