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Historical Background

The Confederation fleet is on the move and sending 4 Fleet Carriers to seize control of the space around Midpoint Station. This will be closely followed by an invasion force and draw the Commonwealth Fleet into action.
Unfortunately for the Confeds, the Commonwealth has intercepted their plans and sent all available Long Range Fighters to Midpoint to boost the garrison and dispatched their 3 available Carriers to intercept and destroy the Confed invasion fleet.
The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?

Battle Notes


First side to 15 points, or the side with more Victory Points at the end of 8 turns. The difference must be greater than 2 VP’s, otherwise the battle is a Draw.

Special Rules

• Deployment and forces are as shown in the map. Players may mutually decide to modify deployment by replacing all units with deployment markers and placing units using the hidden deployment rules (pg28).
• First Turn is determined by using standard rules from the main rulebook (pg12, Step 10).
• Carriers are used as per the “Carrier Starship Escalation Pack”
• The “Carrier Flagships” marked on the deployment map are optional as per page 1 of this Campaign Pack, and players can use standard “Flagships” instead. Inclusion (or not) should be by mutual player agreement.

Further Player Options

If the players only have the basic game or lack any of the listed Escalation Packs (or simply by player agreement), the following modifications can be used:
• If the number of carriers are not available, simply use Battleship Models as substitutes (placing 3 Fighters alongside as normal). Additionally, deploy the Battleship Counters with the VP point side face up to remind players that the unit represents a Carrier
• If the “Carrier Starship Escalation Pack” is not available, replace all Carriers with Battleships.

Scenario Design Notes

In the historical Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Japanese deliberately sent a small Carrier (Ryujo) and its escorts ahead as a “bait” force to draw strikes from the American Carriers. This would allow the main carrier force to launch against the American carriers without interference.
…that was the plan anyway. The Ryujo did indeed soak up the first strike and was sunk, but Nagumo played cagey with his carriers, and was unable to achieve a decisive victory.

Campaing Rules

Carrier operations in the Pacifica Expanse

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