Historical Background

Spies have reported that there is a pre-war supply base in the sector. The report did not state its exact location, but intelligence places the base near the enemy deployment. Your orders are to break the enemy line of battle and, once the opposition line is broken, locate the supply base and occupy it. The enemy, it also seems, is aware of the supply base, but intercepted transmissions report they also do not know its exact location.
The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?

Battle Notes

Commonwealth Fleet

5 command cards & 4 combat cards & 5 stars

Confederation Fleet

5 command cards & 4 combat cards & 5 stars


21 victory points, or the elimination of 8 opposition units

Special Rules

  • Task force cards are used in this scenario. Both faction players draw one card at random.
  • Support vessels are purchased in this scenario. Both faction players purchase 40 points of support vessels.
  • Breakthrough objective rules are in effect for both factions.

Play Reminder: To determine which player will take the first turn, both players must select one command card from their hand and, at the same time, these cards are revealed. The player’s command card that orders the fewest number of units will take the first turn.

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