#8: Twin Sisters (BD-16-1215)

Written by Alessandro Crespi. Posted in Scenarios

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Historical Background

The Twin Sisters sector is a very crowded piece of space. With two planet systems of similar sizes and an unstable asteroid field that hangs between the two planets, neither faction has dared to venture into the sector to date, but now it seems that the risk may be worth the expected rewards. The two known planets near the asteroid field are believed to be void of any life. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history?

Battle Notes

Commonwealth Fleet

5 command cards & 4 combat cards & 5 stars

Confederation Fleet

5 command cards & 4 combat cards & 5 stars


21 victory points, or the elimination of 8 opposition

Special Rules

Play Reminder: To determine which player will take the first turn, both players must select one command card from their hand and, at the same time, these cards are revealed. The player’s command card that orders the fewest number of units will take the first turn.


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