A Campaign System

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A Campaign System was created by Old Dwarf
A Campaign System

Red Alert like other C&C Games gives a brief background of why the sides are fighting & then is
a series of 1 off Battles (Scenarios) with a short description of why the Battle is being fought.

Although I love the C&C mechanics the lack of a Campaign System hinders my immersion in the
Game World (especially non-historical Games like Red Alert. So I put together a Campaign System.

The War is 5 Campaigns & starts as follows:

-The 1st & 2nd Learning Scenarios are played in order as 1 off Games this sets up the Campaign.

*1st Campaign-shuffle Scenario Cards 3-8 & randomly draw one

-If a Cardinal's Belt Scenario is drawn play as a 1 off game-the Victor gets to start the Campaign with +1 Star
If a non Cardinal's Belt Scenario is drawn It starts the Campaign. In either case remove all the Cardinal Belt
Scenarios from the Scenario draw deck. The Cardinal's Belt Scenarios can only be included in the Scenario
Draw Deck at the start of a Campaign. The Scenario Draw deck for the Campaign is are the remaining non
Cardinal's Belt Cards.

-The Campaign is 3 Scenarios (no Scenario can be played twice in a row.)

Play each Game as per the Red Alert Rules at the end of the Game total each sides Victory points. then
determine the Campaign Victory points based on the type of victory achieved as follows:

Subtract the Losers VP from the Winners.to get the point spread

1 = Draw no Campaign Victory points for either side
2-3=Minor Victory-Victor gets 1 Campaign Victory Point
4-7= Moderate Victory-Victor gets 2 Campaign Victory Points
8+=Total Victory-Victor gets 3 Campaign Victory Points

If Victor achieves a Total Victory then deduct 1 Reserve Point from Loser .These Points
reductions are culmative through out the 3 Games of the Campaign

2nd&3rd Campaigns-

Campaign ends after 3rd game determine Campaign Victor as follows;

-Add each Sides Campaign Victory Points & subtract any Reserve Losses the Campaign
Victor is the Side with the Highest Total.

-Once the Campaign is completed a Truce is considered to be in effect. Start next Campaign by
repeating the 1st Campaign steps*

End of War once 5 Campaigns are completed total each sides Campaign Victory Points (minus sides
ant Reserve Point losses & highest # Wins the War.

If Commonwealth Wins assume the Confederation Sectors were forced back into the Commonwealth
If Confederation wins assume they have kept their independence.

New War assume sometime in the future tensions again rip the Commonwealth apart or that conflict
between the Commonwealth and Confederation again break out.

The above campaign system is based on the Core Game & as I don't have the Game yet the Campaign Victory
points may need adjusting with play testing.

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