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Deploying Two Carriers
Although allowed if a player has two Carrier units, it would require a player to use all support vessel points (normally 40 points) to add two Carrier units to their starting fleet. In addition, it would cost 42 points, which is 2 points over the 40 and would require the player to lose 2 stars before the start of the scenario.

When a fleet has two carrier units, the carrier fighters that have been launched on a turn are returned to the carrier ship hex from which they were launched. As the rule states “Carrier fighters, after their close quarters combat are placed back on the carrier figure’s hex, returning is not considered a move.”

Carrier Fighter Movement
Carrier fighters when launched will each move individually. Although we tend to pick up and move all the carrier fighters together as a group and they are normally placed in the same hex at the end of their movement, but by rule each carrier fighter is actually moving individually.

A carrier fighter when it moves is moving at sub-light speed and by rule a player can spend 2 star tokens to move a carrier fighter full impulse, which will add 1 hex to the carrier fighter’s sub-light movement of 4 hexes. Therefore to have all three carrier fighters move at full impulse it would cost a player 6 star tokens, 2 stars for each fighter.

Carrier Fighter Combat
In close quarters combat, each carrier fighter adds 1 die to the carrier’s close quarters combat and even can add 1 die when battling back of course it still cost stars to battle back. In this case, the carrier’s close quarters combat roll is treated as a capital ship class close quarters combat.

When a carrier fighter is launched it will close quarters combat with 2 dice. In this case, carrier fighter’s close quarters combat roll is treated as a fighter class close quarter combat.

Note that carrier fighters on the same hex must work together and will fight together and roll all their dice together at the same time, however each fighters combat dice is must be determined separately before rolling all the dice together. For example, when carrier fighters are on the same hex and are battling together, determine the number of dice each fighter will roll before rolling the determined number of dice together. In the case of two or three fighters attacking against an enemy unit on a Planet or Asteroid field hex, the number of dice each fighter will roll is reduced by 1 die.

Important Clarification
Like Combat cards, a Command card played will not modify a carrier fighter’s combat.

Destroyer & Planet hex
A Destroyer unit after a successful close quarters combat against an enemy unit on a planet hex may pursuit move onto a planet hex, but the Destroyer unit may not combat.

Battle Fury & Planet hex
Any unit after a successful close quarters combat against an enemy unit on a planet hex that has a Battle Fury combat card played on the unit, may pursuit move onto a planet hex and bonus combat.

Warp Escape
Can only be used to go to a player’s own base line hex in the same sector.

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