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Planet control objective rules

2 weeks 1 day ago #98 by Old Dwarf
The rule states "•Planet control objective rules are in effect for both factions. One victory point is gained for each unit that occupies a planet hex at the start of the player’s turn. So if both players have a control marker on a planet they both get the victory Points? Or can only side
have control markers on a planet?

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2 weeks 19 hours ago #99 by Deathjester117
The rules are a bit vague on planet control, but I think that basically you retain the control markers as long as a unit is there, they do not increase if an enemy unit is contesting the plant, they lose those markers if their unit is destroyed or forced to retire, and the enemy unit will then start getting faction markers if it remains on the planet (and is now uncontested).

e.g. A Commonwealth cruiser is currently controlling a hex on the planet and has been there for two turns, thus accumulating 2 markers. A Confederation destroyer charges in, attacks the cruiser and forces a retreat due to rolling a hit and 2 red alerts. The marker accumulated by the cruiser are lost since control of the planet has been lost. On the other hand, the Confederation destroyer will now start to gather markers of its own each turn since it is now the only remaining unit and so the planet is uncontested.

I think this is the way the mechanic works, although I could be wrong of course. I think it makes most sense anyway. Hope it helps :)
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2 weeks 18 hours ago #100 by Old Dwarf
It Helped- I was rather thinking that control markers represent Military Units
on the ground that would contest control with each other. Now I realize they
would be more like Marine detachments dependent on their ship Unit.

Makes more sense considering the Scenarios depict fast paced space battles.


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1 week 2 days ago #102 by Old Dwarf
2nd Thoughts ? I reread the rules (the ones on KS as my Game doesn't
arrive till next week) & it says that once placed the control markers

So this leaves me to believe that both sides can have control markers on
a planet & that both sides control markers would count for Victory Points.

Still not 100% on this but I think I'll go with letting both sides have control
markers on a planet & assume the losing side surrenders at the end of
the Game.

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