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1 year 8 months ago #103 by Old Dwarf
Getting Ready was created by Old Dwarf
I received Red Alert 3 days ago but had to finish up the other Game that was in progress on my Game Table.
So today I was finally ready to set up red Alert (well after I cleared off my Gaming Table which had a few books &
Game expansions on it & I knew I'd need all the space for the Red Alert Game Map).
The Game mat really is huge it took up all the length of my Game Table & I just had room widthwise to put a dice
tower and the Command/Combat Cards. The mat laid out well considering it was folded over a few times in the box
but there was only a small crease in the center. It does bunch if you touch it up but straightens right up with a little
tug.I probably should have put a tablecloth down first as the wood table top makes bunching easy.

So once the mat was in place I punched out the Terrain & other Tokens & placed the ones I needed for the 1st Scenario
on a tray which I placed on a side table along with the Victory Stands. Everything punched out clean & the quality is
first rate.

Now the moment (or really minutes & minutes) of truth out come the ships to set up.I had thought I had none of the infamous
warping issues but with the ships in place on the mat I see very minor turns to the right in a couple of the figs not enough to
bother the hot/cold fixing (but of course I will). I approach the pegs & bases with some hesitation but find the attaching of the
ships to go without problems (well after I realized that attaching the pegs to the ships first & then to the base worked best).
The peg ends going into the ships needed in many cases a couple of gentle twists to get a good fit the base pegs fit right
in & were steady as a rock. I intend to paint the ships & then glue the pegs/ bases as assembling the ship/bases each Game would be
a bit much & frankly I wouldn't want someone else doing it (looking at you ham handed nephew!) plus I imagine after repeated
putting & pulling pegs the holes would expand & effect the fit.

Now I'm ready to play I'm using some card holders from other C&C Games & placing them on the map edges as there is no room
on the Game Table to put them anywhere else (still haven't figured out where to put coasters for the beer? )

Anyhow looking at the Game Table from a standing position really looks cool & does give the illusion of fleets meeting for battle,
setting down & viewing does somewhat break the illusion against a white wall background. Maybe if the Game gets enough play I
might consider painting the Game Room walls black.

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1 year 8 months ago #104 by Old Dwarf
Replied by Old Dwarf on topic Getting Ready
Started our 1st Game (Opening Salvo). We solved the Beer Coaster problem by taking breaks on the Patio(it's a really nice day).
Everyone is familiar with C&C so the only thing we tend to check is the Ranges for Range Combat there only shown on the Rulebook so
we keep looking back. This should no longer be a problem after a few more turns,too bad they didn't include the ships range combat hexes
on a separate card.

I noticed the Command & Combat Cards are a bit thin probably best to put in sleeves. The ships which aren't glued handle well so far only
one ship has popped off its base when moving.

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3 months 4 weeks ago #110 by smmalecek
Replied by smmalecek on topic Getting Ready
one thing that does work is if you get the floor tile pads that jigsaw together, about 1/4 inch thick, you can that down first and then "pin" the mat down, That seems to keep the map from bunching up when moving ships

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