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Epic Battles

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Epic Courier Rack

If a Elan command card is played, are the cards on the courier rack also reshuffled?

When the Elan card is played any cards on the Courier Rack are not shuffled into the Command card deck. The cards remain on the rack.
(Richard Borg; 2016 - 08 - 29)

Command Card - Counter Attack

If I counter any tactic command card on a section, may I play the counter in my turn on any section or must it played in the same section as the initial command card?

In Epic / LGM battles, a Counterattack must be played in the same section, as the card which was countered.
(Richard Borg; 2016 - 09- 12)

Tactic Command Card

If i play a Tactic command card, e.g. Cavalry Charge, must i play it on a section, on which a referring unit is available, or may i play it on a section without a Cavalry (e.g.) to order one unit of choice?

In the Epic / LGM game, a Command card like a Cavalry Charge card must played in a section that contain the appropriate units ( Cavalry units in this example). Only if there are no appropriate unit on hole battlefield, you may play it on any section to use the option „unit of your choice“.
(Richard Borg; 2016 - 09- 12)

Scenario EPIC 01 - Austerlitz

I"The 4 hexes that make up Stare Vinohrady (old vineyards) form a Temporary Majority Group Victory Banner worth 2 banners for the side that occupies an absolute majority at the start of its turn. The Allies start with 2 Victory Banners.".
There are only 3 hill hexes in the setup of the scenario booklet?

It´s a mistake in the scenario booklet. The Vinohrady Heights has 4 hexes in the Epic scenario.
(Richard Borg; 2016 - 08 - 31)

Scenario EPIC 12 - Laon

The setup shows 7 prussian leaders, but we only have 6.
5 in Prussian expansion and 1 in the Epic Expansion. Is it a mistake in the scenario setup or is a Leader missing in any game box?

It´s indeed a mistake in the expansion 6 game box, there should be 2 prussian leaders into box instead only 1.
(Richard Borg; 2017 - 01 - 18)


Scenario LGB 01 - Austerlitz

It´s not clear, which terrain hexes form the Temporary Majority Group for the "Pratzen Heights" and "Stare Vinohrady"

It´s a mistake in the scenario booklet. The Pratze Heights has 6 hexes and the Stare Vinohrady has 5 hexes in the La Grande Battle scenario.
(Richard Borg; 2016 - 08 - 31)


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