First Strike

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First Strike

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Play this card after opponent declares a melee attack, but before the dice roll. Your defending unit will battle first. If the opponent’s unit is neither eliminated nor retreats it may then battle as originally ordered. At the end of the turn, you draw a replacement Command card first. (2 cards)



FIRST STRIKE — Play this card after opponent declares a melee attack, but before the dice roll. Your defending unit will battle first. Can it only be used against one melee attack or if opponent melees twice can you use it against both separate melees ?

The card can be used for one melee attack. Not more. If your same unit gets melee attacked twice you have to choose to use it for the first attack, or hope it can sit it out and use it for the second.
You can use more than one First Strike card per turn if you have multiple. One for the first attack, one for the second, if you like.

If a Cavalry unit attacks an Infantry unit and the Infantry plays a "First Strike" card, may the Infantry form Square then?

No; If the Infantry Play a "FS", they accept the "full" battle of the attacker, if the attacker is not destroyed or forced to retreat.
But if the Infantry is forced to retreat by the CAV attack, the INF may form square, if the CAV makes a Cavalry Breakthrough and battles again the INF (because this is a "new" battle).

Can a player in his own turn play/discard a First Strike card without ordering any units, drawing a new command card, which ends their turn?

Yes. The "First Strike" card is treated as all other command cards too, so the players are allowed to discard this card as "useless" card, as it is described in the rulebook "Phase 1 - Play a Command Card".
(Richard Borg; 23. August 2014)

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Oleg's Avatar
Oleg replied the topic: #388 9 years 8 months ago
Well, FS is good card but no more. It brings an element of suddenness and you have to keep it in mind when you see too temptating target near.

"Give them ..." card is also one of the favorite, expecially if you re going to sturm towns. Or is your troops going to enegage in big infantry fight.
Stormkahn's Avatar
Stormkahn replied the topic: #387 9 years 8 months ago
A friend and I have now completed all 15 standard scenarios, I've played a further 6 with somebody else and I've worked through the 2nd Rolica scenario solo 7-8 times.

We have found that this card swings the course of the entire battle whenever it is played unless the dice produce a crazy result. A carefully orchestrated assault, building up a hand of cards and positioning units, hits a brick wall all because of one card. Inversely if you have this card when you launch the attack then you're really likely to smash the opponent.

It seems to me that all the cards have been ported over from other editions of the rules, CCA, M44 etc rather than tailored to the new game. Some just don't fit or aren't balanced.

At the other end of the scale, Give them Cold Steel has only ever been discarded, I think perhaps it's been used once in all the games. In fact if we took it out we'd only miss it because it wouldn't be glogging up our hands.

Has anybody else had the same experience?

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