Fire and Hold

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Issue an order to 4 or fewer INFANTRY and/or ARTILLERY units. Ordered units will perform ranged combat with 1 additional die.  Ordered units may not be adjacent to enemy troops. Units may not move before or after combat, but may come out of square if eligible.

If you do not have any infantry or artillery units, issue an order to 1 unit of your choice.

(3 / 2 cards)


May i order only Infantry or Cavalry units?

The card should read exact "Issue an order to 4 or fewer INFANTRY and/or ARTILLERY units", so you can order up to 4 CAV and INF units together

Whats happens, if units/LDR retreats adjacent during range combat.
Can the ordered unit, still battle, its a melee then, and get they +1 bonus die?

The Ordered unit could not battle because the card specifies Ranged Combat. Since you choose the order of combats, you should be careful to have this firing unit fire first.

If I don´t have a infantry or artillery unit and choose the substitute order of one unit, apply the benefit of additional battle dice to this unit also?

No, the single unit, which is ordered with the substitute order, don´t get the benefits of the card and this unit move and battle with his own base rules.
Example, a Cavalry unit may move and battle.

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