CONTENTS (Expansion 1)

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1 Card Sheet containing:
• 1 Spanish Infantry in Square track sheet
• 4 Spanish Infantry Square counters
• 9 Spanish Victory Banner counters
• 6 Spanish Guerrilla counters
1 Card Sheet containing 15 double-sided Terrain tiles
4 Block Label sheets
4 Player Aid Cards (1 Allied [British/Portuguese/Spanish] National Unit Reference Card, 1 French National Unit Reference Card and 2 Abbreviated Unit Reference Cards)
1 Rule and Scenario Booklet containing 18 battle scenarios
195 Blocks: yellow Spanish units and dark blue French units, comprising:
• 107 small blocks, yellow and dark blue for foot units
• 75 medium blocks, yellow and dark blue for cavalry units
• 13 rectangular blocks, yellow and dark blue for leaders and artillery units
There will be a few spare blocks of all sizes in each color.

National Unit Reference Cards

Each of the major powers that fought in the Wars of Napoleon will have a National Unit Reference Card. A National Unit Reference Card details:
• The unit types and map set up codes.
• Sticker art portraying each listed unit.
• The number of blocks that are deployed in a unit.
Note: Not all nations had the same organization therefore the number of blocks for a specific unit type may differ.
• The unit’s movement in hexes.
• Unit specific Battle Dice Modifications plus Command card Dice Modifications.
• Morale Modifications.
• National Notes.

Abbreviated Unit Reference Cards

This expansion also contains two Abbreviated Unit Reference Cards. These cards present all information on the National Unit Reference Cards but with minimal graphics so it can all be accessed on a single sheet

Units and Leaders

Visual Identification Aids. To assist players in set-up and unit recognition, several unit class icons are being introduced into this expansion. They will be retrofitted into the core game upon reprinting and will be carried forward into future expansions:
Flaming grenade icon: Grenadier infantry: upper left or right of each sticker for the following unit types - Grenadier, Guard Grenadier, Old Guard

Bugle icon: Light infantry: upper left or right of each sticker for the following unit types - Light, Rifle Light, Guard Light and Young Guard

Cavalry helmet icon: Heavy cavalry: upper left or right of each sticker for the following unit types - Heavy, Guard Heavy, Cuirassier

Horse head (not used in this expansion) Horse artillery: upper left or right of each sticker for the following unit types - Horse artillery, Guard horse artillery

Line and militia infantry, light cavalry (Light, Light Guard and Light Lancers) and foot artillery (Foot and Guard Foot) classes of units are differentiated by the absence of any identifying icon.

Unit Composition

Each unit is composed of a certain number of blocks. The number of blocks in a unit may vary by unit type and Nation and is detailed on the National/Abbreviated Unit Reference Cards.
A General, Marshal or Field officer of any rank (hereafter referred to as a leader) is represented by one rectangular block. A single Leader block is not considered a unit.

Infantry in Square Track and Counters

The infantry in square track and the numbered counters are used to track infantry units that have formed square on the battlefield.

Victory Banner Counters

These counters track a player’s quest for victory.

Spanish Guerrilla Action Counters

When the scenario’s special rules state that Spanish Guerrilla Action Rule is in effect, the Spanish Commander may attempt to intercept the French player’s Command card on a turn by spending a Guerrilla Action counter.


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