03. Setting up a game

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  1. Select a battle from the scenario booklet. If this is your first game of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, we recommend that you set up and play the first battle in the Scenario Booklet —Rolica (French First Position) 17 August 1808, which is designed to introduce you to the basics of Napoleonic warfare and the scenario will give you and your opponent a chance to master many of the game’s basic play elements.
  2. Place the board in the center of the table. Each scenario specifies which army is at the top and bottom of the battlefield, and players should sit on the side closest to the army they will command. Hand each player the applicable National Unit Reference Card. Each player also takes an infantry in square track and a set of infantry in square counters numbered 1-4. Place the track and the counters near your side of the battlefield.
  3. Place the terrain hexes onto the battlefield as indicated by the scenario map.
  4. Separate the blocks, French forces (dark blue) and British/Portuguese forces (red and brown blocks). We recommend that players initially set one block of the required troop type or leader block on the battlefield, using the board’s borders and flank boundaries (dotted lines) to quickly locate the correct hexes. Then complete each Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery unit with its required number of blocks as detailed in the National Unit Reference Card. Note: Each unit symbol on the map represents an entire unit.
  5. Shuffle the Command card deck thoroughly and deal Command cards to each side per the selected scenario’s battle notes. Keep your Command cards a secret from the opposing player. Place the remainder of the deck face down, alongside the battlefield, within easy reach of both players.
  6. Place the eight battle dice and Victory Banner counters within reach of both players.
  7. Review any special rules or victory conditions that apply for the battle.
  8. The starting player, as indicated in the scenario’s battle notes, begins play.

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