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2020-10-06 New C&C solitaire rules

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I've recently been contact by one of Richard Borg playtesters (Steven Malecek) asking for permission to post his "solitaire rules".

Here they are, with his introduction:

I am one of Richard's playtesters for 20 years now, during the Flu Pandemic we have found it hard to play, I know there are solitaire rules out there that have been adapted from other games to use with C&C but I have come up with this simple set of solitaire rules. I have tested it over 60 games at least 5 times with each version and it works well even using Combat/Tactical Cards and in EPIC modes.

Solitaire Command and Colors

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leonidarx's Avatar
leonidarx replied the topic: #7206 1 year 8 months ago
Your solitary rules work really well.
I've played a lot of games with great satisfaction. Thanks a lot

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