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Another Year is passing by and we can turn back to see the path we followed:
2008 - launched www.CCAncients.net website
2011 - launched www.CCNapoleonics.net website
2013 - launched www.CCSamuraiBattles.net website

Right now these websites are full with every available expansion (as to say units, scenarios, rules, faqs, online game modules).
We have 564 scenarios on CCA, 107 scenarios on CCN, 20 scenarios on CCS.
In the past months I've also tried to cut off some of the continuous "spam attempts" and sadly I have unwittingly created login problem to some of you... I've also managed to resolve them but I'll take this opportunity to apologize with you.
Sometimes my intervention is timely, sometimes not so timely. So again, I want to Thank You for your patience.

In order to keep these three webistes online and running I'm here to ask for an effort to all users with whom I shared so far this wonderful adventure that I hope will continue for a long time.
Those who wish, without any obligation, could use PAYPAL form (available on right pane) and make its personal contribution.

Take care and have some nice Christmas Holidays!

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