2011-11-04 Unofficial Vassal Module and extension update

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Hi guys,

yesterday Bayernkini updated his "unofficial vassal module" and extension.

In download section you will find

Napoleonics - Fanscenario extension

Mainmodule 1.8 changelog:
- You can see now the terrain underlay, if you move over with mouse;
- The units letters are on top of units now, so you can see them better, if a General stacks with unit and
the color is black on white, so you can also read it better.
Epic Extension 1.7 changelog:
- Added all current fan made scenarios of CCNapoleonics.net
- Added a new 17x13 size Epic map
Thank you Michael for this grat  update.
I'm also going to update scenario images (following new modules) and each individual VSAV files.


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