2011-02-16 Website additions

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Recently we have changed/updated something on the website, so I'm here to sum it up:

  • GeoMap View, to see a Google Map with banner on each battle location
  • Shoutbox (on left menu) to spread some words...
  • Full Command Card List, with FAQs,details (please post specific card question inside relative forum)
  • New Designer: Laurence Cutner.
  • New Designer: Enrico Acerbi.
  • New Designer: Pascal Dumat.
  • Private Messaging System, to send "fast messages" to other users (online/offline).
  • Added Birthdays notification inside Forum (don't forget to update your profile).
  • Recently played scenarios shown in the homepage (right column).
  • Scenarios rating system, 1 star = very poor, 5 stars = very good).

Work in progress:

  • Vassal user guide (to help user download/install module and extensions).
  • Vassal playing guide (to help user familiarize with this online playing system)
  • Units List, to group units information (suggestions HERE, example HERE).
  • Unit Count on some scenarios. (COMPLETED)

Every help will be really appreciated.

Thank you
Alessandro - CCNapoleonics.net Admin

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