GG08 The Lost Battle EPIC (13 Feb 1809)

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Historical Background (Imaginary scenario for initiation - The newcomers play the French side)
Somewhere near the border between Spain and Portugal took place a forgotten battle between a French division of 4000 soldiers and an Allied division of 3500 British and Portuguese soldiers. This battle had no winner and had never been recorded by any nation but some few individual reports.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?



Battle Notes

Allies Army (the teacher)
• 4 Command Cards.
• 2 Tactician Cards (optional).


French Army (the newcomer)
• 6 Command Cards.
• 3 Tactician Cards (optional).
• Move First


13 Banners

Special Rules

• Use this battle to teach two new players and give them the French side.

• Just use the 75 GMT deck or add the Tactician cards if you want.

• Each town is 1 Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start.

• The river Tuela is fordable.


Tags: Army: Allies, Army: French, Unofficial

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