GG07 Marengo (14 June 1800)

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Historical Background
The Battle of Marengo, on 14 June 1800, between French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte and Austrian forces took place near the city of Alessandria, in Piedmont, Italy. Near the end of the day, the French overcame Gen. Michael von Melas's surprise attack, driving the Austrians out of Italy and consolidating Napoleon's political position in Paris as First Consul of France.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?



Battle Notes

Allies Army
• Commanders: Michael Von Melas
• 5 Command Cards.
• Option 3 Tactician Cards.
• Move First


French Army
• Commander: Napoleon Bonaparte
• 4 to 6 Command Cards.
• Option 3 Tactician Cards.


9 Banners

Special Rules

• The French player starts with 4 command cards then draws 2 cards at the end of each turn until he reaches a total of 6 cards.

• The two building hexes of Marengo and Castel Ceriolo are each a Temporary Victory Banner Objective hexes (turn start) for the French if occupied at the start of his turn. As long as the unit remains on the objective hex it will count as a Victory Banner.

• Desaix reinforcement: At the end of his 3rd turn the French player places 2 Line Infantry, 1 Horse Artillery and 1 Light Infantry with an attached Leader (Desaix) on 4 adjacent hexes on his edge of the board. If not enough free hexes, the extra units are lost.

• The Fontanone brook do not stop the movements but any unit inside the brook combat with minus 1 die.

• The Bormida river is impassable.


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