AS01 Epic Eylau (8 February 1807)

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AS01 Epic Eylau (8 February 1807)

Historical Background
Napoleon, although outnumbered, was determined to hold his position knowing that Ney was coming up on the left and Davout on the right. His plan was a double envelopment of the Russian Army. Bennigsen’s four Corps and cavalry were deployed on the heights in front of Eylau, but could not throw up field works because the ground was frozen solid.

Around 8:00 AM the Russian guns, positioned somewhat forward of the main line, opened fire and the French artillery replied with greater effect. Tutchkov countered a French probe on the Russian left, and Soult’s IV Corps was hard pressed to hold its ground. At the same time, the Russian cavalry attacked the advanced guard of Davout’s III Corps. To take the pressure off his flanks and allow
Davout’s corps to advance against the Russian flank, Napoleon ordered his center forward. Augereau’s VII Corps advanced into a blinding snowstorm, lost their bearings, and veered left – directly into the line of fire of the massed 70 gun Russian grand battery. A massacre ensued as thousands of French soldiers were cut down within minutes. The survivors retreated to Eylau. The French center had ceased to exist. Bennigsen seized the opportunity to counterattack. Twenty thousand Russians advanced irresistibly across the valley, driving the French back to the town.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

# Commander: Bennigsen
# 6 command cards (randomly discard 1 Command card immediately after arrival Davout Corps)
# 5 tactician cards (draw 1 Tactician card in first End Phase after arrival Lestok Corps)
# move first

# Commander: Napoleon
# 5 command cards (draw 1 extra Command Card in first End Phase after arrival Davout Corps)
# 4 tactician cards (draw 1 Tactician Card in first End Phase after Davout and then again when Ney arrive)


20 Banners

* Shloditen, Auklapen, Sausgarten & Serpalen( blue) are Temporary Victory Banner Hexes (Turn Start) for the French (1 per town)
* Each hill hex (green) are Temporary Victory Banner Hexes (Turn Start) for the French (1 per hill)
* Eylau is a Temporary Majority Victory Banner hexes (Turn Start) worth: 3 Russian banners, or 1 French banner
* The Lakes are Frozen (a unit on the lake or retreating through it takes one damage at the end of the turn: Max 1 loss per turn)
* Mother Russia roll is in effect.

Players count the number of Command Cards they play from their hand.
After the 6th French Command card played, Davout's Corps arrives on the right French flank in free brown hexes ( Davout ,GHA,LNCR,GLC,GR, 2-LT,3-LN )
After the 10th Allied Command Card played, Lestoq's Corps arrives in free gray hexes ( Lestoq,LC,GR,2-LN). Allied player immediately draw 2 Iron Will tokens.
After the 14th French Command card played, Ney's Corps arrives on the left French flank in free white hexes ( Ney,LC,GR,LT,3-LN)

These units are placed immediately after the Command cards are played, and can be ordered in that turn
Units can enter the game only in free hexes and immediately join the battle before the order,if the hexes are occupied, they never enter

Tags: Banners: 20, Army: French, Army: Russian, Special Rule: Epic

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