410 Waren-Nossentin (1 November 1806) Waren

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Waren-Nossentin - 1 November 1806

Historical Background
On the morning of November 1, as the last of the Prussian rearguard pulled out of Waren, the French cavalry, under the command of Guyot, launched an attack against the Prussian cavalry screen and captured Major Schmude and part of his command.
The Prussians quickly counterattacked, led by Pletz’s light cavalry, throwing the French horsemen back and freeing Schmude.
Shortly thereafter Bernadotte arrived, and his cavalry fought a series of small indecisive skirmishes with the Prussian cavalry.
Yorck, now took command of the Prussians, and established a defensive line between the two lakes and centered on the village of Jabel. Bernadotte sent word for Savary and his cavalry to join him, but before Bernadotte could mount an attack, Yorck pulled his rear-guard forces back to Nossentin after a short artillery exchange.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 1
Hill 3
River 6
RiverBend 1
Castle 4
Marsh 5


Battle Notes

• Commander: Yorck
• 4 Command Cards & 2 Iron Will Counters
• Optional 4 Tactician Cards

Light Infantry Light Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Horse Artillery Leader
4 3 1 1 3

French Army
• Commander: Bernadotte
• 4 Command Cards
• Optional 4 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Light Infantry Light Cavalry Lancer Cavalry Foot Artillery Horse Artillery Leader
3 6 1 1 1 4


4 Banners

Special Rules

Tags: Expansion 4, Banners: 4, Army: French, Army: Prussian, Special Rule: none

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Tarheel's Avatar
Tarheel replied the topic: #2127 5 years 4 months ago
I had the pleasure of playing this twice with Bayernkini. Always great fun to play with him because he is so skilled. My opinion of this scenario is that it is far too luck dependent. One string of bad rolling, and the scenario can be over in a hurry for either side. It seems to lack the wonderful maneuver element that is so special in CCN. 4 banners in a scenario full of cavalry on both sides just doesn't work IMHO. I feel bad for those poor french infantry units on the left because I suspect they will rarely ever get any action unless the French intentionally withdraws cavalry in a hurry from the right, to avoid mixing it up in a cavalry match. But if that is done, they lose the chance to finish off the HC unit early.

Maybe a few more plays and I'll see something in this scenario I haven't seen yet, but so far, I don't rate it amongst my favored ones.

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