MM09 Freeman's Farm (19 September 1777)

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Freeman's Farm - 19 September 1777

Historical Background
Morgan’s riflemen were the first American troops to attack, launching an assault on a small force of Canadians and Indians of Fraser’s Right Wing. Morgan’s men were followed by Arnold’s division of New Hampshire Continentals. Morgan’s riflemen rushed on in pursuit and were dispersed by a counterattack. The Continentals were repelled by Fraser’s Grenadiers and Light Companies.
Burgoyne’s and Hamilton’s Centre approached Freeman’s Farm, leaving a substantial gap between themselves and Fraser’s more distant force. Arnold rallied his men and resumed the attack into the gap between the British Centre and Right Wing.
More American regiments from Arnold’s Division came up and joined the assault. Burgoyne’s flank regiment, the 21st Foot, was forced to fall back to avoid being overwhelmed. This left the 62nd Regiment at the angle of the line and under heavy fire.
A desperate battle developed between the attacking Americans and the regiments of the British Centre. During the course of the fighting, which was described by veteran British soldiers as very heavy, General Phillips (the artillery officer who had distinguished himself at Minden) led a bayonet charge of the 20th Regiment to enable the 62nd to withdraw and reform.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 16
River 8
RiverBend 6
TownWindmill 1


Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Burgoyne
• 4 Command Cards
• (Optional 2 Tactician Cards)

Line Infantry Light Infantry Grenadier Infantry Foot Artillery General   Militia Infantry
5 1 1 2 2   1

American Army
• Commander: Gates
• 4 Command Cards
• (Optional 4 Tactician Cards)
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Grenadier Infantry Militia Infantry General
8 1 1 2 3


5 Banners

Special Rules
• Freeman's Farm is treated as a Windmill.
• Rough Terrain: no unit can move more than 2 hexes per turn, even using La Grande Manouevre or Bombard
• The River (Mill Creek) is fordable.
• The Americans use the Spanish blocks and are treated as Spanish in all respects, but exclude the -1 die battle modifier when moving
• The American RL is treated as a British Rifle Light in all respects except they retreat 2 hexes per flag.
Use any blocks (Austrian GRZ with 3 blocks e.g.) to represent the American RL.
• The American player always makes a Leader Casualty check against the opponent using one die as if the unit was destroyed. This reflects the American Riflemen's propensity to pick off leaders.
• The Spanish Guerrilla Action rule is not in effect.
• The Portuguese Militia are Canadian & Indians and act as Militia
• The Portuguese Line are Hessan troops and treated as British except +1d in Melee
• Before each British turn, the British player may make one dr for reinforcements.
INF = Hessan LN unit, ART = ART unit, CAV =  Riedesel
Place reinforcement on an empty Star space if available
Total reinforcements are 3 LN, 1 ART & 1 LDR

Tags: Banners: 5, Army: British, Special Rule: Reinforcements, Unofficial, Army: American

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