MM03 Monmouth Courthouse (28 June 1778)

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Monmouth Courthouse - 28 June 1778

Historical Background
On 18th June 1778 the British army with artillery, supplies and the Loyalist populace of the city left Philadelphia and began the laborious march to the North-East. General Washington marched east from Valley Forge seeking to intercept the slow moving British column. He did so at Monmouth Courthouse.
An advanced force of some 4,000 troops was allocated to attack the marching British Army and cut it in half. Initially Lee refused the appointment, lacking confidence in the success of the plan. When the force was increased in size to 5,000 men and given to the Marquis de Lafayette, Lee changed his mind and insisted on the command. Lee had the task of attacking the British column in the flank and delaying it so that the main American army could come up and give battle.
Lee lay to the west of the Middletown road and should have delivered a coordinated attack on the slow moving column. Properly planned this could have halted the British withdrawal to the north east and enabled the main American army under Washington to attack from the rear. Skirmishes with parties of British troops took place as Lee’s force moved tentatively forward towards the Middletown Road.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 11
Hill 2
WalledFarm 1


Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Clinton
• 4 Command Cards

Line Infantry Grenadier Infantry Light Cavalry Foot Artillery General   Line Infantry Militia Infantry
3 1 2 1 1   1 1

American Army
• Commander: Lee
• 3 Command Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Cavalry General
8 1 1


4 Banners

Special Rules
• The Americans use the Spanish blocks and are treated as Spanish in all respects.

• The Spanish Guerrilla Action rule is not in effect.

• American units may not form squares.

• Valley Forge: American Line infantry add 1 die to Standing Ranged Fire.

• The Portuguese units represent Hessian and American Loyalist units, which are treated as British in all respects except that Line Infantry melee with 1 additional die.

• Infantry using Forced March to move 2 hexes lose 1 block (Heat fatigue).

Tags: Banners: 4, Army: British, Unofficial, Army: American

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