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GG05 Leipzig Epic (16-19 October 1813)

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Historical Background
The Battle of Leipzig or Battle of the Nations was fought from 16 to 19 October 1813, at Leipzig, Saxony.
The coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden, led by Tsar Alexander I of Russia and Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg, decisively defeated the French army of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French.
Napoleon's army also contained Polish and Italian troops, as well as Germans from the Confederation of the Rhine.
The battle was the culmination of the German campaign of 1813 and involved 600,000 soldiers, 2,200 artillery pieces and 127,000 casualties, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I.
Decisively defeated for the first time in battle, Napoleon was compelled to return to France while the Coalition kept up their momentum, dissolving the Confederation of the Rhine and invading France early the next year. Napoleon was forced to abdicate and was exiled to Elba in May 1814.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?



Battle Notes

Allies Army
• Commanders: Alexander I and Schwarzenberg
• 6 Command Cards
• 5 Tactician Cards (optional)
• 4 Iron Will Counters
• Move First

French Army
• Commander: Napoleon
• 6 Command Cards
• 5 Tactician Cards (optional)

18 Banners

Special Rules
• Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll is in effect. Saber rolls have no effect.
• The Elster river is impassable but the Parthe and Pleibe rivers are fordable.
• The French player get one Victory Banner for each French unit leaving the battlefield by the bottom left of the board marked "Exit".
  The Leaders leaving this way give no Victory Banner.
• The Allied player get one Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start for each hex of Leipzig occupied.
• The French Line Infantry units are young soldiers and do not get +1 die in melee against Infantry.
• All the units can retreat or retire any direction as long as it's away from the attacking or battling back unit.
• The Allied units can retreat out of the board (retired from battle) with no Victory Banner for the French player.
• All the units can advance through friendly units if they move more than one hex (not if retreating or retiring).
• When playing a card in a section empty of any friendly troops: A player can draw two cards and keep one.
• When Napoleon leaves the board: The French player discard one card at the end of the turn (play with 4).
• In order to win the French player must also have Napoleon leave the board.
• If Napoleon is killed: The Allied player wins immediately.


Tags: Banners: 18, Army: Allies, Army: French, Unofficial, Special Rule: Epic

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