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010 Salamanca (Attack on the French Left) (22 July 1812)

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SALAMANCA (Attack on the French Left) - 22 July 1812

Historical Background
Following the capture of Badajoz and Ciudad Rodrigo, Wellington advanced into Spain where Marshal Marmont’s Army of Portugal awaited him. The two armies sparred for position, each looking to catch the other at a disadvantage. When Marmont threatened the British supply lines, Wellington began a retreat, but still looked for an opportunity. On July 22nd, Marmont found a British force in plain view on a ridge and great clouds beyond the hills to the south. Thinking this was just a rearguard, Marmont made a fatal mistake. He extended his army to try and flank the defenders and catch up to what he thought was Wellington’s fleeing main body. It turned out the “rear guard” was the left flank of Wellington’s army (the clouds were from the baggage train) and Marmont’s army became badly strung out and vulnerable before the hidden allied main body. Wellington gave a “whoop” of delight and set several combined arms counterattacks in motion, starting with an attack by his brother-in-law, Edward Packenham’s 3rd Division against Thomiere’s lead division. Still in march order, Thomiere’s troops were quickly routed. Two additional British divisions joined the attack and the two remaining left flank French divisions also retired in disorder. With Marmont wounded, command fell to General Clausel, who organized a truly effective combined arms attack that shattered Cole’s British Division. British reserves, however, were close at hand and soon Clausel’s forces were also in retreat. The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 3
Hill 18
River 4
RiverBend 4
RiverBendBridge 1
Town 1

Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Wellington
• 6 Command Cards
• Optional 6 Tactician Cards

Line Infantry Light Infantry Rifle Infantry Light Cavalry Foot Artillery Leader   Line Infantry Light Infantry Heavy Cavalry Leader
6 1 1 1 1 2   2 1 2 1

French Army
• Commander: Marmont and Clausel
• 5 Command Cards
• Optional 4 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Light Cavalry Foot Artillery Leader
7 1 3 2 2

6 Victory Banners

Special Rules
• The Azan River is impassable except at the bridge.

Tags: Base Game, Banners: 6, Army: British, Army: French, Army: Portuguese

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LARS's Avatar
LARS replied the topic: #6976 8 months 1 week ago
Three banners for the Allies on this turn ends it. The French began with 4-0 lead and then the cards abandoned them. Wellington wins 6-4.
javore replied the topic: #5249 3 years 5 months ago
it is a well balanced scenario. In my case the French won just because they were lucky (6-5). The Brits had two chances to win but failed to do so (A full 4-blocks infantry standing shooting against a lone french infantry block and failing!!).
Bayernkini's Avatar
Bayernkini replied the topic: #285 10 years 8 months ago
Just won a MiniTournament2 game against SDuke with
many luck :whistle:
I had most Left cards and couldn´t advance, because
my left section was his strong side :blush:

So we played this game most on the Allies right flank :P

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