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Hubbardton (7 July 1777)

Historical Background
After leaving Fort Ticonderoga on July 6th, General St. Clair tried to put as much ground as possible between his forces and the pursuing British.
Upon reaching the small town of Hubbardton, St. Clair left Seth Warner and his Green Mountain Boys to wait for the rearguard of Colonel Ebenezer Francis and the 11th Massachusetts along with Nathan Hale and the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment.
Upon reaching Hubbardton, the Americans decided to camp overnight to allow their exhausted men to recover from the long march. They assumed they had left the British well behind and so left no proper picquet line. Brigadier General Simon Fraser not only had kept pace with the Americans but resumed the pursuit at 3am and overtook the Americans while they were having breakfast.
The Americans formed a line through the woods with a hill on each flank.
Fraser sent the Bruswick Grenadiers to climb Zion Hill and outflank the Americans, but this took longer than expected, putting the British attack in  jeopardy. Hearing the sounds of battle, General Riedesel's Jaegers rushed ahead to join the battle, turning the tide back to the British.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

Set-Up Order

Forest 27
Hill 14
River 1
RiverBend 7

Battle Notes

American Army
Leader - General St. Clair
2-4 Command Cards*

Line Infantry Light Infantry Foot Artillery General
13 1 1 3

British Army
Leader - Brigadier General Simon Fraser
6 Command Cards
Moves First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Rifle Infantry Grenadier Infantry General
7 1 2 3 3


7 Banners

Special Rules
Americans follow all rules for Spanish except.
1. American Line Infantry Standing fire is +1 die.
2. The American player always makes a Leader Casualty check against the opponent using one die as if the unit was destroyed. This reflects the American propensity to pick off leaders.

Spanish Guerilla Action rule is NOT in effect.

Sucker Brook is fordable.

* American Army units were caught at breakfast and not expecting an immediate attack.
American Army starts with 2 cards. At the end of the first American turn, draw 2 cards, making the hand 3 cards. At the end of the second American turn, draw 2 cards,  making the hand 4 cards. After this the Americans draw normally.

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