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207 Eylau - Murat’s Cavalry Charge (8 February 1807)

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Eylau - 8 February 1807 (Murat’s Cavalry Charge)

Historical Background
After thousands of French soldiers were cut down as they advanced against the Russian artillery in the center, victory seemed to be at hand for Bennigsen and the Russian army. Napoleon, however, called for Murat and his cavalry reserve to advance and save the army.
Led by the redoubtable cuirassiers, 12,000 French troopers executed the most decisive cavalry charge of the Napoleonic Wars. Hidden by the swirling snow, the cavalry crashed into the advancing Russian infantry. The Russian formations dissolved and thousands of Russian infantry were cut down as the cavalry swept onward and overran the guns. Cutting their way back out of the reforming Russian infantry, Murat’s victorious troopers retired and the battle settled into stalemate ended by darkness. During the night, Bennigsen retreated his battered army, leaving the equally battered French in possession of the dismal field of battle.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 7
Hill 13
Town 3
Church 1
Lake 3


Battle Notes

Russian Army
• Commander: Bennigsen
• 5 Command Cards
• 4 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Grenadier Infantry Light Cavalry Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Militia Cossack Cavalry Foot Artillery Leader
5 3 3 2 1 2 3 4

French Army
• Commander: Napoleon
• 6 Command Cards
• 6 Tactician Cards

Line Infantry Light Infantry Old Guard Infantry Light Cavalry Cuirassier Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Guard Heavy Cavalry Foot Artillery Horse Artillery Leader
5 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 4


9 Banners

Special Rules
• The Russian player gains one Temporary Victory Banner for each town hex of Eylau occupied at the start of the turn (Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start)

• The Russian player will gain a sudden death victory when five French cavalry units are eliminated. Each town hex of Eylau occupied will count as one cavalry unit eliminated when determining sudden death victory.

• The French player will gain a sudden death victory when all three Russian Artillery units are eliminated.

• The Lakes are Frozen.

• No Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll.

Tags: Expansion 2, Banners: 9, Army: French, Army: Russian, Special Rule: Sudden Death, Special Rule: Temporary VB (Turn Start)

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sharpe1812's Avatar
sharpe1812 replied the topic: #4638 5 years 2 months ago
Very tough scenario for the Russians to win. An abbreviated Mother Russia roll (3 dice?) would really help. 3 block Russian infantry is not suited for town combat.
alecrespi replied the topic: #1401 8 years 2 months ago
OK, just fixed video links.
You can easily add a video link in a forum thread copy/pasting original link from youtube address bar.
Bayernkini's Avatar
Bayernkini replied the topic: #1400 8 years 2 months ago

A Little Inspiration :)
alecrespi replied the topic: #1073 9 years 3 months ago

The Russian player gains one Temporary Victory Banner for each town hex of Eylau occupied at the start of the turn.

Q: Does the church hex counts for this voctory condition?
A: Yes, the church also counts since its effects are the same as a town.

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