MD12 - Eggmühl - Day 2 French Left & Right (22 April 1809)

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9 years 3 days ago #1271 by alecrespi

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2 years 2 months ago #6670 by Mark-McG
Played this yesterday using 4 players

French won 17-12, with a near devastation of the Austrian Left. Of 16 units starting there, 11 were eliminated, and the remainder with 1 or 2 block remnants. Not without price, 5 French units and 2 leaders fell on this side. The other flank lost 5 units for 5 French losses. Unterlaiching changed hands for the extra French banner.

Considering also the scenario balance of the standard scenario on this flank, it's hard to see this can be a balanced scenario without some balancing provision.
Suggestions I would make are;
1. Giving the Austrian Exit banners for each artillery that exits the board
2. Allowing the requested Austrian cuirassiers to appear

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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