308 Teugen-Hausen (19 April 1809)

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7 years 2 months ago #1253 by alecrespi

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1 year 10 months ago #5718 by Stanislav27
Bangla (Austrians): 6 victory banners
Stanislav27 (French): 8 victory banners

A very tense and closely-fought battle. The French had very good cards throughout. The Austrians started with stunning dice rolls, which were evened out by the end, and they were plagued by a weak selection of cards for large portions of the battle.

The battle commenced with a somewhat poorly executed French assault on the Austrian left. The Grenzers were halved in strength and send fleeing, but the attack on the ridge proved disastrous. An Austrian First Strike obliterated an entire full-strength French Line Infantry unit in one roll! Afterwards, a French Light Infantry unit was obliterated at point blank range by the Austrian battery, which scored three hits at once. Another French Line unit was reduced to a quarter of its strength. All Austrian units maintained cohesion, though one Line Infantry unit was reduced to a fifth of its starting strength. 5-0

Following this debacle, the French fell back and regrouped on their right, while pushing a few units forward on the opposite flank. The Austrians likewise spent the time maneuvering units into place.

In the subsequent attack, the French managed to destroy the Austrian artillery battery and the first ridge was now ripe for the taking. A French Light Infantry unit seized the extreme right of the hill formation. Soon thereafter, French infantry and horse artillery occupied the left side of the ridge too. The French would not relinquish this strategic objective for the rest of the battle, though it would be hotly contested. 3-3

A lull ensued on the French right, while the Austrians attacked the French left. The French held their ground as their comrades deployed further forward in the centre. A blunder by the French general (who forgot that Horse Artilley cannot fire after moving when reduced to one block!) meant that the valiant French Horse Artillery was destroyed. The French managed to avenge their fallen comrades by finishing off an Austrian Line Infantry unit that had been subjected to a lot of accurate fire from light Infantry and artillery on the far left of the battlefield.

In the next phase of the clash, the Austrians moved fresh units forward on both flanks, while the French strengthened their hold of the left side of the first ridge with two of Destabenrath's line infantry units. The French line infantry units coordinated their attack to destroy Bieber's advanced Line Infantry unit. The subsequent Austrian counter-attack (assisted by light cavalry) cost many French casualties - both on the left and in the centre, but the units did not break. 4-5

This moment of resilience was crucial. The French unleashed a deadly bayonet charge on their next move. On the left, a depleted unit was moved back behind the ridge. On the right, two line infantry units occupied the ridge. And on the extreme right, a somewhat impetuous charge sought to destroy a severely depleted Austrian infantry unit that had withdrawn to the second ridge. This depleted unit was destroyed, while two full-strength Austrian line infantry units were each reduced to two fifths of their initial strength.

Stuck with many commands for the right, but few for the other sections of the battlefield, the Austrian cavalry charged again. It managed to shatter the fragile square of the depleted French infantry unit on the left, but its cavalry breakthrough was not enough to take it to the relative safety of Teugen. On the subsequent turn, the French executed a merciless combined arms attack on the isolated cavalrymen. Surrounded and unable to retire and reform, they were cut down, the field strewn with mutilated men and beasts. 5-7

The Austrian retribution for this slaughter came swiftly. The impetuous French infantrymen on the far right who stood isolated on the second ridge were subjected to an Austrian combined arms attack that left no Frenchman standing. However, the French were able to complete the victory on the very next turn by finishing off one of the weakened Austrian infantry units immediately behind the right part of the first ridge. 6-8

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2 weeks 12 hours ago #6925 by LARS
Austrians win 8-4, losing many more blocks but outlasting the French. Davout could not get an attack coordinated. Although very slow in the advance, the Austrians were relentless.

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