2 player LGB

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2 player LGB was created by Mark-McG
Variant to play a La Grande Battle game, with just 2 players since I haven't found 8 players.

In the LGB scenarios, there are 6 sections on the map, and these are divided into 2 boards (Board 1 & Board 2). Both Board 1 & 2 have 3 sections, and 1 Command card is played for each board. In essence it plays as if two normal games were played side by side. Units on the border of Boards 1 & 2 can be ordered by either player (but not both simultaneously).

Units may move between boards.
Command card activate only units on their board.
The Command Card activates units in the appropriate section of that Board.
For example, an Attack Centre card played on Board 1 orders 3 units on the middle section on Board 1 (the 2nd section from the Left of the 6 sections).

Command Cards that are Tactics cards can be used to order any units on that board (either 1 or 2).
Example 2: Cavalry Charge card played on Board 2 can be used to order 4 cavalry or horse artillery units on any section of Boards 2 (the rightmost 3 sections), but not Board 1.

Corps Command Stars can activate any units on the respective Board 1 or 2 for March moves.

Setup of the La Grande Battle is as LGB normal except for the Command and Tactician Cards (and any Iron Will or Guerrilla Markers).

Command Cards are dealt to the CIC normally. No Field General Command Cards are dealt.
Tactician Cards are dealt to the CIC only. Sum the number of Tactician cards dealt to the Corps Commanders, halve (rounding up) and deal that number to the Commander
Mother Russia rolls are made by the CIC, use the sum of the Corps Commander Mother Russia Rolls
Iron Will Markers are controlled by the CIC. Sum the number of Iron Will markers given to the Corps Commanders. These are taken by the CIC.
Guerrilla Markers are controlled by the CIC. Sum the number of Guerrilla markers given to the Corps Commanders. These are taken by the CIC.

After this 5 Command Cards are dealt to the Courier Rack.
Play begins with the First CIC player.

For example;
Allied Corps Commanders
Command R3 C2 L4 (only CIC draws command cards)
Tactician R3 C2 L3 (sum is 3+2+3 = 8, halved = 4. CIC draws 4 Tactician cards)
Mother Russia R3 C1 L3 (sum is 3+1+3 = 7, 7 Mother Russia rolls are made and applied anywhere across all 6 sections

Card play follows the Epic Rules in most instances.

Each turn, the CIC will select a Command card from his hand and will also select one Command card from the Courier Rack. The CIC plays 2 Command cards, one for the Board 1 (leftmost 3 sections) and one for the Board 2 (rightmost 3 sections). Courier Rack is refilled as normal when it reaches 2 cards left.

CIC plays Tactician cards, Iron Will and Guerrilla markers.

CIC must take a randomly drawn Command card from their hand for each square formed, and must always have at least one Command card in hand to play.

Seems to work adequately after 1 playtest, and gives players a chance to play out those intriguing LGB scenarios. Still hoping to find 8 players to get the full experience on the table.

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
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