15mm figures on the game board - pics.

6 years 8 months ago #1349 by Grambo589
I have been steadily building up my figures to replace the blocks on the C&C game board. I now have enough to begin a few scenarios from the Russian expansion. PLan is next to replace all of the Peninsular blocks and then the Austrian blocks with figures!

I'm using 15mm Essex figures as they are solid and robust enough to take a lot individual handling. I simply replace each block with a single figure and play on the board, I'm pleased with the overall visual impact.

Some images to show the recent Utitza (Borodino) scenario and a few close ups of some of the figures from my growing collection.

I like the blocks, but toy soldiers are a little bit prettier :-)


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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #1350 by Bayernkini
You based on "Cent" pieces (or similar) ?
And the base edge is painted with the "Nation-Color" if i interpret it right :)

But i would use a addtional miniature for the "Mother Russia" roll also, and paint the base edge then in green-white (similar the edge of the MR coutner) or in red-white, then you dont need this paper counter ;)

Have you already painted a miniature for each block of the expansion and/or base game and all expansions,
(that would been a lot of miniatures) or only the number of miniatures, which you needed for this scenario ?

My dice are the hell!
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6 years 8 months ago #1351 by Grambo589
Hi Bayerkini

Thank you for the comments. I have to say the idea of using an additional miniature with the green white edging is very good and I think I'll do that so thanks again :-) Why did I not think of it! I'll need to to do a few extra line, light and artillery figures now.

The figures are based on 20mm pre cut mdf circles and the edge colour represents the block colour. Currently I'm close to having replaced all of the Russian blocks and most of the French blocks, still have some to go yet, but almost there. The British/allies for the base game will come next and then I'll replace all of the Austrian blocks in the longer term, as you say it will be a LOT of figures! I can paint these 15mm miniatures pretty fast.

I love the game, but I also enjoy pushing around my figures.


A few more pics of my 'blocks' :-)

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