Take Command Card Number of Units

2 weeks 2 days ago #7829 by Easyred2
Question that is bugging me.  A "Take Command" card is being played in the center
so we have a leader with an infantry together in one hex.  Directly in hexes to his front are infantry in both hexesas well as one off to his right.  According to the card he has those 3 front units all contiguous and so they receive activation.  According to the card, he can also move that unit he is attached to as well.  So does not that mean he is moving 4 units with the card.  Some replays I have seen they are only allowing 3 hexes to be moved, but the card does not quite state that.  How are you all playing out this card in games.  We play it as 4 units max possible


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2 weeks 22 hours ago #7832 by Hawkmoon
Leader hex + 3 linked hexagones : 4 units max (not playing Leader of Honour rule which allows one more unit))

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