OT2021 Round 5

4 months 6 days ago #7728 by RiverWanderer
Replied by RiverWanderer on topic OT2021 Round 5
Game 1
RiverWanderer (Allies)  5 Banners
gotigersc  (French)  6 Banners

British started out well but lost momentum to a stout French defence and lost the race to the final banner in a fumbled defence on their left.

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File Name: Round5JustinH.vlog
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4 months 6 days ago - 4 months 6 days ago #7729 by RiverWanderer
Replied by RiverWanderer on topic OT2021 Round 5
Game 2
gotigersc (Allies)  4 Banners
RiverWanderer  (French)  6 Banners

The French were positioning for a push against the British left but were frustrated by a combination of short supply, British withdrawal and the untimely demise of their forward cavalry unit that had been keeping the Rifles in square.

The set-back provoked the French to an all-or-nothing bayonet charge, dividing their forces across the battlefield; the kind that normally ends in disaster. Fortunate dice and a timely First Strike combined to upset expectations and give the French the advantage of a good lead. The British seemed to lack options on their left, allowing an exposed French unit to escape. Meanwhile, just as the British finished sweeping up the other units from the French bayonet charge, a final one off infantry attack brought home a French victory.

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File Name: Round5JustinHgm2.vlog
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4 months 5 days ago #7730 by rjvonline
Replied by rjvonline on topic OT2021 Round 5

rjvonline (French) 6 [10 blocks lost] 
jaboskov (Allies) 1 [27 blocks lost]

The first game saw the French first moving on the right, while successfully repelling a British cavalry attack on their left. The rest of the battle is hazy. The French overall had the advantage on the left, although they had no left sector cards (I used Rally and Counter-Attack to move 1 unit each time), pursuing a 1-block British LC that just would not die, and didn't). My die-rolling was otherwise quite good. I also had the advantage on the French right flank overall. The Allies tried to catch up in via Forced March, but it was all to naught, and the French had a fairly lopsided victory, for a 6-1 victory (27-10 in favor of the French on the block count

rjvonline (Allies) 6 [19 blocks lost] 
jaboskov ​​​​​​​(French) 5 [33 blocks lost]

The second game saw the Allies move on their right, and perform a cavalry charge with both HC and their LC. The French chose to stand, but as the Allies inflicted 7 hit, they only received 2 or 3 and no unit was severely damaged. The Allied cavalry successfully evaded on the counter-blow, with again no unit being eliminated. As the French moved on their right, the Allies were able to successfully use their LI and Rifles to inflict some losses, but then the Rifles and a forward Line Unit succumbed to a French Bayonet attack (2 full-strength units killed in in one attack each). Fortunately, the next Allied attack was nearly as successful, killing one full-strength French unit with an attack by the Lights. The rest of the battle played out on the French left, with a successful attack against Campbell's line infantry (already reduced to 2 blocks) and the surviving Portuguese HC (1 block) being eliminated, but the counter-blow via a Leadership card, killing French lights for a narrow 6-5 victory (larger on the block count 33-19). 

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4 months 5 days ago #7731 by Burnabybob
Replied by Burnabybob on topic OT2021 Round 5
Game 2 between

gheintze (French) 4 - 6 Burnabybob (Allies)

This one started badly for the allies, as they used a force march to move infantry forward in the center, hoping to do enough damage to dampen the French counterattack. They failed to score any hits, though, and the French played a hold and fire card in response, which killed a British line infantry and an attached leader. The allies then attacked 3 French infantry (2 line and 1 light) on the French left flank, but the French repulsed the attack, destroying 2 Portugese heavy cavalry in the process. Before the game was an hour old, it was 4-0 for the French, and it looked like it would be over shortly. But that's when luck really changed. The Allies continued pressing the attack in the middle, playing another force march card and killing a french light infantry and a french leader on a casualty check. The allies also used Grand Maneuver to take damaged units out of the line and bring up the artillery. The french attacked the artillery on the subsequent turn with infantry and cavalry, but the attack failed, mainly due to terrible die rolls by the French, and their units suffered heavy losses in the battle backs. The allies took the lead shortly thereafter, then scored the winning flag with a infantry-artillery combined arms against French artillery. Final score: Allies 6 - French 4.

This was definitely one of the crazier games of CCN I've ever played. I've never been as sure I was going to lose but ended up winning. Well played by Geoff, who deserved a better fate. But I do think my Grand Maneuver was well played.

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4 months 17 hours ago #7733 by toganalper
Replied by toganalper on topic OT2021 Round 5
Deat Greg,

I believe you have overseen my post so I am reposting ( I forgot to put Mike's name as scpiozama may be that was the problem)

Game 1
Togan Alper (Allies)  6 Banners
scpiozama - Michael Stanley (French)  2 Banners

This was a longer than a normal battle. Both commanders used their armies till mopst units were underpowered . The allies were able to pull back 3 of their 1 strenght units to win the battle 6:2

 File Attachment:File Name:  mketogangame1.vlog

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4 months 4 hours ago #7734 by Kandras78
Replied by Kandras78 on topic OT2021 Round 5
010 Salamanca (Attack on the French Left) (22 July 1812)
[OT2021 - Round Five - 1st game]
French(A) 6 vs Allies(jfardette) 1

French were able to push hard against the Allied Left. A bloody, chaotic and long struggle ensued. The Brits failed to stabilize their lines (Rally! resulting in a single block of infantry replenished). So the depleted French were able to deliver the final blow.

[OT2021 - Round Five - 2nd game]
French(jfardette) 2 vs Allies(A) 6

Allied Left took an aggressive stance. French were suffering heavy casualties trying to advance on that flank, including gen. Maucune. Even though French cavalry was finally able to pin the British units in squares but action shifted to the other end Reds moving their cavalry up against the French Left. Their infantry also moved forward in the Center. Gen. Thomieres led a desperate countermove in the middle but his unit melted away against the superior numbers.

Battles were real close fought engagements despite what the scores might suggest. Jim played well even with a severely limiting hand and rather cold dice in both games.

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File Name: JimandAndras1.vlog
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File Name: JimandAndras1.vlog
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4 months 1 hour ago - 4 months 1 hour ago #7735 by Rand
Replied by Rand on topic OT2021 Round 5
Round 5 Game 2

GomJabbar Vs. Rand

GomJabbar – French – 5
Rand – Allies – 6

Tentative movements on both sides begin the game, until the French partake in a ‘La Grande Manoeuvre’. French infantry units then seize the hill-line along the Left flank with close support into the Center of the battlefield. The Portuguese then surge forward with their calvary forcing two French units into square, though the French are able to play ‘Hasty Square’ to lessen the limitations to their command. Campbell also pushes forward and is able to bring ranged fire on one of the squares, while British Calvary move forward with ‘Call Forward Reserves’. The French are able to push back the calvary but do very little damage. Then the Portuguese Infantry move forward, and with surprisingly accurate fire leave the French Leader Thomieres with a barely functioning unit. Campbell also leads a melee attack up a hill, but is unable to match the Portuguese success as the French counter and cut his unit to half-strength. One French Line Infantry, heavily damaged, is able to escape from a square formation, but when a neighbouring French Light Infantry is cut down by Portuguese Heavy Calvary, the calvary overrun and destroy the former unit. The French now launch an aggressive calvary charge, with a French Light Calvary changing a Portuguese Heavy flat-footed and riding them down. The French Light is now countercharged by two Allied Calvary units and is destroyed, leaving a heavily damaged French Line trapped in square and Thomieres’ Line Infantry also barely hanging on. A French charge smashes a Portuguese Line Infantry and forces them to retreat off a hill, in return, Power leads a Portuguese Line Infantry under ‘Inspired Infantry Leader’, destroying both aforementioned French Line units and forcing Thomieres back to the edge of the battlefield.

The battle is now 6-1 in favour of the Allies, but the French steel their resolve, refusing to accept defeat, and begin a brutal comeback. A bombardment aggressively repositions a French Artillery right on top on British units in the right flank, and French Line Infantry surge forward in the Center. The Allies try vainly to pull back damaged units before the French can catch them, but French Infantry run down a Portuguese Light Infantry. On the French Right, a Light Calvary destroys Wallace’s unit, and he is lucky to escape. British Infantry launch a desperate bayonet charge trying to destroy the final French unit for victory, but the French squirm free and destroy a Portuguese unit in return. Wallace’s new infantry unit is then forced into square and destroyed, with the French gaining a banner, leaving them at 5-6, only one behind the Allies. The French narrowly allow Wallace to escape, and a French Artillery melees with a British Rifle Infantry, almost destroying it for the victory. The panicking Allies gamble everything on a final attack before their army disintegrates, with Wallace leading a third unit that finally destroys a 6th French unit, allowing the Allies a very slim victory.

Thanks to Brad for the nail-biting game, he staged an epic comeback and almost took home the game. Came very close to humiliating me. Brad also helped with a couple rule clarifications, and I greatly appreciate his help and honesty. All the best to him.

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File Name: R5G2GomJab...and.vlog
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3 months 4 weeks ago #7737 by soul1st
Replied by soul1st on topic OT2021 Round 5
Round 5 Game 1

soul1st - French 6
Maxjoezach - Allies 0

The allies damaged their cav early in the game. After scoring some hits the French attacked with their pristine cav using two charge cards and secured the victory.

Round 5 Game 2

Maxjoezach - French 6
soul1st - Allies 1

The French destroyed the left flank of the Allies scoring some hits. The Allies mounted a cavalry charge in an all out attack but failed to take extra banners.

Thans to Doug who volunteered to play very early in the day to get both games done in one go.

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File Name: DvsT2.vsav
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File Name: DvsT1.vsav
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3 months 4 weeks ago #7738 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic OT2021 Round 5
deadline is imminent, please get your match reports in!

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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3 months 4 weeks ago - 3 months 4 weeks ago #7739 by scipio1zama
Replied by scipio1zama on topic OT2021 Round 5
OT2021 C&C:Nap – Round 5: Salamanca (Attack on the French Left)

W - Mike Stanley – Allies - 6 banners

L – Togan Alper – French – 4 banners 

The French initially advanced a LN and an FA on his right flank, but the British light troops advanced and heavily damaged the LN, chasing him back into the deep woods.  Then the French FA bombarded the lights and chased them back behind the hills.  Action switched to the French left, where an infantry advance was met by Allied cavalry.  The allied cavalry was finally routed, but not before severely damaging the French forces they faced. An allied Infantry force advanced to mop up and did so successfully in spite of the withdrawal of Campbell and his LN due to Short Supplies.  An Allied Bayonet Charge, Center Assault and Leadership eliminated all of the previously damaged French infantry, while a second Bayonet Charge sealed the fate of the French. 

Thanks to Togan for two great games.
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