OT2021 Round 2

2 weeks 3 days ago #7470 by Mark-McG
OT2021 Round 2 was created by Mark-McG
Open Tournament
Round 2

OT2021 Round 2

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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1 week 18 hours ago #7471 by gotigerssc
Replied by gotigerssc on topic OT2021 Round 2
Game 1
MarkMcG (Allies) 6 Banners
gotigerssc (French) 2 Banners

Not much came in the way of reinforcements for the French and despite the constant positioning, we could not gain much traction. One of the French officers also failed a leader check. Allies were just all around better in this one.

Game 2
gotigerssc (Allies) 6 Banners
MarkMcG (French) 0 Banners

After the results of both matches I'm convinced that this scenario just doesn't like the French. The critical rolls would not drop for the French again in this one - I believe Mark rolled about 8 dice, on different turns, against a 1 figure LC with no hits. That LC eventually escaped behind the lines as soon as I drew a card in that section. This one ended when a GRZ unit fired at range to knock the FA strength down to 1 and then the Austrian LC took it and a 1 figure HC out to end the match.

Always a challenge and good time to face Mark

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3 days 15 minutes ago #7472 by rjvonline
Replied by rjvonline on topic OT2021 Round 2
Round 2 

Renaud (rjvonline) vs Andrei (gileforn)

Both games ended up on the same score 6-4 for the Allies, but Renaud won on blocks.

I don't remember much of the first game except for incomprehensibly foregoing the opportunity to roll 6 dice (on a Leadership card play) against a weakened French HC unit that could not retire and rally (and then went on to kill one of my units). No matter the Allies still won. The French reinforcements were decent.

The second game (my French against Andrei's Allies) lasted a looong time. We reshuffled the command deck and drew a good chunk of the second deck.  My reinforcement rolls ran cold, hot, and cold. There was action in all sectors. The central sector there was mostly an artillery exchange that initially turned in favor of Andrei until I got 2 Artillery reinforcements and got rid of the Austrian artillery. While my Bombard card was countered by Battlefield Smoke and so I rolled 2 dice instead of 9 (I think), I still got 2 hits to kill the remaining Austrian battery (my luckiest roll of the game by far). Andrei's attempt to outflank me on my left failed, and we kind of observed one another on my right after an initial skirmish. At that point, I had come back from 0-4 to 3-4, and felt pretty good about my chances. I moved forward on my right with 3 full-strength line infantry against his mix of line, light and grenzer, all in BUA or on hills. I used Bayonet Charge, supported by First Strike (for his turn), and then Cold Steel, but the dice failed me, and his mostly didn't (like 3 hits out of 4 dice on my leader unit). While I collected a VP by killing a 1-block LC in the BUA on the opposite flank, I only dropped the LT defending the BUA on the right flank to 1 block. Between battle-backs and melee attacks over 2 rounds, Andrei killed 2 of my line units to get his 5th and 6th VPs. 

Thanks to Andrei with his fair-play!

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