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Deck 76

3 months 5 days ago - 3 months 4 days ago #5831 by GG
Deck 76 was created by GG

If you'd like a fast single deck with stronger Leaders and some fun from the GMT edition:

- Buy a set of card sleeves (with colored back)
- Take the 70 base deck
- Add 3x "Take command any Section" (from the 75 GMT deck)
- Add 1x "Superb Infantry" +1 "Sappers" +1 "Call Forward Reserves" (from the 50 GMT tactical)
> (those 3 red cards can be played with another one: Just draw one more card at the end of the turn)
- Put those 76 cards into the sleeves (so they can't be recognized from the back)

Done! > You have a fast & fun & single deck! (8 cards involving the leaders instead of the original 4)
Just enjoy it as we do! - GG

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